Nick and Hank are called to the scene when the driver of a garbage truck discovers a dead body that caused the rear loader to jam.  Apparently the body was placed in a dumpster that the truck had emptied on that day’s route. When they roll the body, they see that the man was killed with a screwdriver jammed in his throat.

The victim’s name was Leonard Lewis Drake and lived along the route where the dump truck did a pick up. The guys head over to his address to investigate and see a trail of blood leading into the parking garage. They talk to the building manager who tells them that the last time he spoke to Drake was the night before when he had a fight with another tenant, Mason Snyder.  Nick and Hank head to Drake’s apartment only to find that it is in disarray. They knew from the manager that Drake had someone who lived with him, Natalie, and from the looks of the apartment, it seems like she left in a hurry. They put out an APB to locate her.

They find Natalie in a motel and take her in. She tells Nick and Hank that Drake had been drinking and he hit her. She thought he would kill her if it were not for Marty Burgess (the neighbor below them) who had knocked on the door. Drake then started yelling at Marty causing another neighbor to come out (Mason). Marty left when Drake started yelling at Mason threatening to kill him. Mason escorted Natalie to her car and she drove to a motel. That was the last she saw of Drake.  She asked what Drake’s version of the story was and Hank informs her that he was murdered the night before.

Hank and Nick visit Marty at his place of work. They tell him that they are there to investigate Drake’s death and they were told he was one of the last people who saw him alive. Timidly and nervously, Marty tells them he heard Natalie and Drake argue and was afraid that Drake would hurt her again. He told them he did nothing but Drake was very angry at him and that Drake was a “terrible man and he scared me.” As he talked about how mean Drake was, Nick sees him change into a rodent -like creature. When asked where he went after the argument with Drake, Marty tells them back to his apartment and his father, who lives with him, can verify this. The two decide to go talk to the other neighbor, Mason Snyder.

Meanwhile, Juliet comes home and notices an orange truck outside the house with a man and a woman inside taking pictures. She goes outside to approach them and upon seeing her approach they quickly drive away. Juliet seems worried and concerned as she memorizes the license plate number. Later, Juliet tells Nick about the orange truck and gives him the license plate number for him to track. A few minutes later, a call comes in with the name and address of the owner of the truck and Nick assures Juliet that he’ll have someone look into him.

Mason is interviewed by the detectives and he tells them that Drake was not a nice person. During questioning, the phone rings and Mason tells them that he has to take the call. As he is talking on the phone, Nick sees him briefly change into a snakelike creature (which is kind of ironic since he is a personal injury lawyer).

Seeing two creatures in one day, Nick heads to Aunt Marie’s trailer to do some research. He finds out that the snake-like creature is a Lausenschlange. One attacked a Grimm, according to the book, and was defeated by severing its head. He is unable to find out about the other creature.

So what does Nick do when he needs more creature information? He visits Monroe and shows him a picture he had drawn of Marty’s change. Monroe tells him that he is a Mauzhertz and Grimms never wrote about them as they never did anything worth writing about. He tells him they are harmless. As for the Lausenschlange, Monroe is surprised exclaiming, “You saw a snake dude and lived to tell about it?” He informs Nick not to leave a Lausenschlange alone with a Mauzhertz as it is a “recipe for dessert.” The phone rings and it’s someone who wants Munroe to work on a timepiece.

Somewhere else in town, a mechanic named Andrew Salazar is yelling at someone telling him it’s their word against his and that person should take him to court. He tells the person to get out of his auto repair shop. As he walks away, the other person picks up a tire iron. As Salazar turns around, he changes into a Mauzhertz and the other person kills him by sticking the tool into his chest. The murderer then drags the body and dumps him inside a trash bin just like he did with Drake.

The next day, Monroe arrives to where he was asked to fix a clock on top of a building. He knocks on the door and as he waits for someone to answer it, he sees a woman in the balcony above whose face is obscured. Just as he was about to ask her a question, Monroe gets jumped by two creatures. The woman above turns and her face reveal that she, too, is a creature. It was a set up! She looks down as the two other creatures continue to beat up Monroe to the point where he loses consciousness. When he comes to, Monroe realizes he was still at the building. Badly beaten he heads to his car and sees that a sickle was drawn in blood on the hood of the car. It was a message left by the Reapers.

Back at the apartment building where the suspects live, Marty visits Natalie. She thanks Marty for knocking on the door and essentially saving her life and he gives him a hug. Marty obviously has a crush on her. She asks him about his dad and Marty tells her that he’s the same. As she comments on how hard it must be for Marty to be taking care of him, out comes Mason. He’s helping Natalie pack up her stuff. Marty is crushed. He goes down to the parking garage and starts to approach Mason’s Camero. Just as it looks like he’s going to cause some damage, Mason sneaks up behind him and puts him in a choke hold. Taking Marty down, he turns into a Lausenschlange and tells him that Natalie is his. He starts to choke Marty with the intent to kill when a couple come into the parking area oblivious to what’s going on. Mason, unwilling to have witnesses, releases Marty and Marty takes that opportunity to run off and get into his car to drive away.

Nick finds out that Marty had his car repaired at Salazar’s shop and they decide to go question his dad to see if he could tell them where Marty was the nigt Salazar was murdered. When no one answers the door, the manager uses his key to open it. They yell for Marty’s dad but get no answer. The smell of incense alarms the detectives and they announce they are coming in. The apartment is filled with junk. (Apparently, Marty is a pack rat…er…pack Mauzhertz). As they get closer to the bedroom, they recognize the smell the incense is trying to cover. Inside one of the bedrooms is Marty’s dad who looks like he’s been dead for 2 days. Nick surmises the father’s death may be the trigger of Marty’s killing spree as a way for him to try and deal with what could be a terrible father-son relationship. (Nick is so intuitive!) An APB is placed on Marty.

Marty goes and visits Mason at his office. He tells him that he should leave Natalie alone. Mason ridicules his request and taunts him saying he will never be more that what he is: A little rodent with a little rodent’s life. He moves towards Marty continuing to taunt and belittle him. As Marty looks at Mason, Marty sees the image of his father instead of Mason. Marty grabs a bookend and smacks it across Mason’s face and continues to pummel him all the while seeing the image of his father as he does so.

Later, Natalie is seen walking down a street and sees Mason’s car but instead of Mason coming out, it’s Marty. Marty gives her a bouquet of flowers and asks her out to dinner to celebrate them both starting a new life. During dinner, Marty and Natalie talk about where she should relocate to, but during the conversation, Marty hears a father berating his son loudly. Bringing up memories of how his father would talk to him the same way, Marty stands up and tells the father to stop. The man gets up and is angry that Marty butted in. Unable to hold back, Marty punches the man in the face and begins to see his dad’s image. As he looks around the restaurant, every man becomes the image of this father. Natalie, sensing something is wrong, quickly ushers him out. In the car she tells him how impressed she was for sticking up for the little boy and confronting the father. Marty tells her that people like that deserve to die then proceeds to step on the gas. Natalie starts to get scared as they are going really fast in the Camaro (as if there was such a thing). The police begin to pursue the car and as Natalie begs Marty to stop he just goes faster and tries to get away heading to his shop.

Marty drags Natalie inside. Soon after, Nick and Hank enter the shop yelling for Marty. Hearing them, Natalie yells out for help but Marty covers her mouth with his hand preventing her from yelling any more. Nick and Hank find him and order him to let Natalie go. As Marty turns toward Hank, he catches a glimpse of himself in the mirror and sees that he has turned into his father. Distraught, he turns and looks into other mirrors and sees his father’s image reflected back at him. He breaks down unable to accept what he has now become, releases Natalie and runs away. Nick is able to catch him and tells Marty that they found his dead dad. Marty tells him that he’s not dead… no matter how many times he’s tried to kill him, he keeps coming back and is everywhere.  Nick watches as Marty weeply becomes unhinged.

Back at home, Juliet tells Nick that she went to the address of the orange truck owner and saw the woman that was in the truck. When the woman saw Juliet, she rushed her kids into the house. Juliet doesn’t understand why the woman was so afraid of her. Nick tells her that maybe the woman thought she was someone else. As he hugs her, Nick begins to wonder if this could be connected to him being a Grimm.

Later, Nick visits Monroe. Upon seeing that Monroe was beaten up, Nick asks him who did it. Monroe doesn’t know but does say that if they wanted him dead, he would be and surmises that the beating was to send him a message. He shows Nick a picture of the sickle that was left on his car and Nick recognizes it as the symbol of the Reapers. Monroe tells him that someone is not happy that he is working with a Grimm and that’s why he was jumped. In order to keep him safe, Nick tells him that he won’t ask for his help any longer. Monroe, angry that this happened to him, is now more determined to help Nick anytime. He tells Nick he’s not going to run and tells him to ask for his help anytime and the next time someone doesn’t like it…they’ll be ready for them.

We knew this was coming. Someone in the creature community was bound to find out that Monroe was helping a Grimm and they are none too happy. But who spilt the beans? How did they find out? Was Capt. Renard behind it? And what exactly is the role of the Reapers if it’s not only to kill Grimms?

This episode is different than the last few as the procedural story seemed to take a back seat to the serial aspect of the series which is Nick’s role as a Grimm. The series is beginning to pick up as the first few episodes were more concentrated on solving the crime of the week where now we’re offered more insight into the supernatural aspect which I enjoy more. Surprisingly, Juliet is still in the dark about Nick’s “extracurricular” activities and you have to wonder when will she finally know?

I can see the next few episodes will start to heat up but unfortunately we’ll have to wait 2 weeks until the next one as ‘Chuck’ will be airing it’s series finale next week. But the wait will be worth it as it will focus on the selling of human organs on the creature black market under the guise of the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel.’

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