It wasn’t too difficult to guess that there would be a Harry Potter skit when Daniel Radcliffe hosted Saturday Night Live last night. And we were not disappointed! In Radcliff’s monologue he did say that he asked executive producer Lorne Michaels not to do one and humorously cited the many other parodies of the movie done in the past, but it was the heartfelt thanks to the children who read the books that was very sweet.

Here’s Radcliffe’s monologue from last night:

Critics across the board agreed Radcliffe did a good job hosting the show, but was boggled by poor writing. The ‘Harry Potter’ skit, however, was a highlight of the show. In ‘Harry Potter Epilogue’, we see the true ending of the Harry Potter saga.

It’s 10 years after Harry’s glory days and we see what the old gang is up to. Sometimes it is better not to peak so soon, eh Harry? Check out the full clip below:

Did you watch last night? Let me know what you thought of Radcliffe’s performance below.