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Lange received her award for her portrayal of Constance, the disturbing next door neighbor who had a sinister connection to the Harmon house. Whether or not she’ll reprise her role next season is unknown as Ryan Murphy has already announced that the show will not continue with the same storyline as the first season but will showcase a different story in a different location with a different cast.  But maybe she does know a little more because she was also quoted saying, “I know that everybody that is returning will be playing a different character.”

In her acceptance speech last night, Lange thanked Murphy for his writing skills and for talking her into taking the role of Constance. Backstage she continued her admiration of him by saying that he wrote something that was really exciting and challenging to her. “Ryan, I think he’s brilliant,” she says, “I think he’s one of the most imaginative people working in film or television today. I have to say, I was so grateful to have the writing given to me every two weeks; it was a gift.”

On Sunday, FX President and GM John Landgraf told reporters at the TCA Winter Press Tour that “two or possibly three” cast members would be returning. He didn’t expand, though, as to whether it would be a cast regular or someone that had a guest role that we would see again, but it has been rumored that Dylan McDermott and Connie Britton will not be returning. And if the pilot for ‘Beautiful People’ gets picked up, that means Francis Conroy (Moira the maid in the first season) may not be returning also.

The reappearance of Lange next season is great news as she stole each scene she was in during the first season. Her role as Constance completely uses Lange’s acting skills to its fullest. To see her return in any role will be a treat.

So, who else would you like to see return next season on ‘American Horror Story?”