The circle makes plans to attend a dance at school. A school dance? We know what that means—trouble!

Jane must still be out of town because Cassie is at Diana’s. It’s morning, and the two are getting ready for school. Cassie obsessively looks through her Book of Shadows determined to discover more about her father. Jake told her that learning about her father, about the dark magic of the Blackwell/Balcoin line, will help her control her emerging dark power. Diana is skeptical. Jake is a witch hunter, and even if Cassie thinks Jake likes her and doesn’t want to kill her anymore, Jake still left with the witch hunters. Diana is cautious, and she would prefer if Jake stayed out of town. The circle is weaker without him close, but Diana doesn’t trust him as much as Cassie who would like it if Jake returned.

Diana changes the subject. The Fire and Ice dance is that night, and she wants to wear her favorite dress, but the dress is the wrong color. Since they are together, she wants Cassie’s help to do a witchy dye job. They chant a spell, but the dress doesn’t change color. They try again, and Cassie concentrates. The dress catches on fire. Cassie puts the fire out with a blanket and confesses that her magic started the fire.

Adam tells his dad about a delivery and is ready to go to school, but his dad Ethan stops him. Ethan looks great; he’s clean and alert, and he is being more social by volunteering to chaperone the school dance. Dry for about two weeks, Ethan apologizes about going heavy with the destiny stuff concerning Adam and Cassie, which caused Diana to break up with Adam. For the first time we see Ethan be a father to Adam, and it’s good to see Adam relax and talk to his father instead of being Ethan’s caretaker. Adam accepts his father’s apology and admits that he has feelings for Cassie but wonders if the feelings are real or a result of Ethan’s speeches about destiny. Adam has felt a connection to Cassie since the first day they met, so the feelings are likely real.

Diana and Cassie arrive at school. “Sometimes spells just go wrong,” Diana tells Cassie. Diana is not angry about the dress; now she has an excuse to go shopping. Cassie is worried because she was performing circle magic, but the dark magic took over without her permission. If she can’t do a regular spell without her dark side taking over, then she could put the circle in danger. Diana remains positive and wants Cassie to consider that the incident could be a fluke, but Cassie is not convinced.

Cassie and Diana meet Melissa, who wants some normal school activities to distract her so volunteers to help with the dance. Melissa tells Diana that Holden has gone back to school, so Diana decides to go to the dance alone. The three girls are dateless and decide to go together. Something distracts Cassie. She thinks she sees Jake. She follows the figure, but the boy is not Jake. Cassie does not hide her disappointment.

In the hallway, Faye still cannot open her locker. Without magic, she has not mastered the skill of manually opening her locker. She is not amused when Diana informs her that her mother signed her up for the decorating committee. Cassie is at her locker when Adam walks up. They chat, and Cassie tells him that she wants to find out more about her father. Since he died in Chance Harbor, records must exist. Adam suggests they go to City Records. Diana watches the two leave. Although she broke up with Adam, they were together a long time, so she is understandably unenthusiastic about seeing Adam with Cassie.

Outside, Faye finds Lee, who appears to have been waiting for her. Lee reveals that he knows Faye is part of a circle with Melissa, “Blondie,” “the Girl Scout,” and “emo boy.” Lee renders Faye momentarily speechless when he tells her that he thinks she lost her powers after they formed the circle. Lee is correct. Ever since the six bound the circle, Faye has been obsessed about getting her individual powers back. Faye tells him to leave before something happens to his car and walks away.

Cassie and Adam are at City Records. To see any records about John Blackwell, Cassie needs her birth certificate in order to prove she is related to him; she does not have her birth certificate or any proof he is her birth father. Cassie is frustrated. Adam tells the clerk a story about a neighbor, a tree, and his dad needing the property lines checked. The story gives Adam a way to make the clerk step away from her desk. While Adam is the lookout, Cassie checks the computer. There are no birth or death records for John Blackwell. Adam suggests looking up tax information. Cassie finds a deed in Blackwell’s name for a property located at 7 Briar Hill. Adam immediately recognizes the address. They leave.

Adam takes Cassie to the abandoned house in the woods the circle uses as their meeting place. The house is located at 7 Briar Hill. The circle has been using Blackwell’s house as their headquarters all this time.

Inside the house, Adam tells Cassie how he found the place. In Diana’s Book of Shadows, Adam found a map of the confluence of energy. The map brought them to the house in the woods, a place where magic is at its strongest in Chance Harbor. Cassie wants to find something of Blackwell’s. Adam remembers he put stuff in the basement. Down in the basement, Cassie starts looking around. Adam asks Cassie to the dance, but Cassie wants to take separate cars to avoid appearing to be “together together” with Adam for Diana’s sake. Diana has been a true friend to Cassie, and Cassie does not want to hurt her friend. Adam thinks Diana has moved on, so he should move on too. Adam wonders if they are meant to be together. Cassie admits that she doesn’t want to think about them destined to be together at the moment; however, Adam confesses that is all he can think about.

Faye teases Melissa for helping with the decorations for the school dance, “How very Martha Stewart of you.” Melissa wants Faye to join her, Diana, and Cassie at the dance, but Faye has plans to get her solo magic back. Melissa thinks Lee is a scam artist, but Faye believes Lee’s claim that his grandfather was a voodoo king back in the day. Melissa warns Faye to stay away from Lee. Faye delivers a stinger, “And I should care about your opinion because your taste in men is so good?” Ouch. Faye is cattier than usual. Her eagerness for regaining her individual magic might cost her Melissa’s friendship.

Cassie is about to leave the basement, but a sound draws her back. She turns the light back on and finds a symbol carved in the ceiling.

At Diana’s place, Melissa and Diana get ready for the dance. They reminisce about playing dress-up when they were younger. They were close once, but Faye and Adam drew their attentions elsewhere. They giggle and laugh, and we see how close the two used to be. With Faye and Adam not as prominent in their lives now, perhaps the two can begin to reconnect.

Cassie enters the room and needs to get ready for the dance. She tells them about the symbol and about the true owner of the house. Cassie thinks she has seen the symbol before and begins to search in her Book of Shadows. She finds the symbol, but the next page is torn out. Cassie knows someone tore it out recently. Who had the book last? Faye. Diana and Cassie look at Melissa, who denies knowing anything, but Cassie knows Faye took the page.

Faye is at Lee’s. They antagonize each other, but are attracted to each other. Faye admits to wanting Lee’s help in getting her powers back. Lee knows the spell is to extract dark magic, to pull dark magic out of witches. The dark magic can be given to Faye. Since Cassie doesn’t want her dark magic, Faye doesn’t see anything wrong with taking something Cassie doesn’t want for herself. Lee warns Faye that dark magic can turn on you and asks her if she is willing to take the risk. Faye is like her mother Dawn; Faye is very willing to take the risk. With the help of Faye’s magic, Lee can take Cassie’s magic and tether it to Faye. Since Cassie would be the only one affected, Faye wants to move forward. Lee informs her that they need something of Cassie’s and to be near Cassie when the ritual is performed. Faye wants to know what he wants in exchange. Lee wants a favor; Faye tells him the favor won’t be sex. Lee retorts, “When we have sex, it’s not going to be because of a deal.”

Before Faye can respond, Cassie calls to demand her page back. Faye complains about how Cassie plays the victim even though Cassie steals boyfriends and almost killed Adam with her mind. Cassie tells Faye to “stop being pathetic” and just give back the page. Faye agrees to give the page back at the dance. Cassie’s demands make Faye very determined to get her powers back.

At the Fire and Ice dance, Cassie and Adam make eyes at each other across the room. Cassie sees Ethan exit the gym and follows him. In the hallway, Cassie asks Ethan about her dad because no one will talk to her about Blackwell. Ethan warns Cassie “this is not a road you want to go down” because “it doesn’t matter who he was.” However, Cassie is stubborn and wants to know because she is concerned about being like Blackwell. Ethan admits that Blackwell did not start the fire and tells Cassie, “You are not defined by your parents. It’s your own actions that matter.” Despite Ethan telling her that Amelia would not want her to find out about her father, Cassie is focused on discovering the truth.

At the dance, Diana admits to Melissa that she misses Adam. Melissa thinks moving on is almost impossible, but Diana refuses to wallow. Diana wants to move on. They are hot witches, so they can find someone new. With Melissa’s encouragement, Diana musters up enough courage to talk with a cute boy. Adam notices Diana flirting with someone new.

Lee and Faye break in to Cassie’s home. They take one of Cassie’s favorite necklaces. Before they leave, Faye thinks she sees someone next door in the Armstrong house.

Back at the dance Diana dances. Adam watches her dance, but the possessive attitude Adam had right after they broke up has eased. Adam is not thrilled that Diana has moved on, but he seems to have made up his mind about pursuing Cassie.

Meanwhile, Cassie searches for Faye. Adam tells Cassie that he has not seen Faye. Cassie shows Adam the symbol. Adam recognizes the symbol as one that channels dark magic.

Adam and Diana talk in the hallway. They discuss how relationships can end in fire or in ice. Adam tells Diana that now is not their time, and Diana agrees. Adam says that the others are having a hard time adjusting to their new status. Diana presses; she wants to know who. Adam mentions Cassie. Diana says she will talk to Cassie and tell her that accepting a ride from Adam is fine. They are awkward and hesitant with each other. Although Adam is talking about a ride in a car, Diana knows Adam means to act on his feelings for Cassie. After Adam kisses her on the cheek and then walks away, Diana can’t fight the tears. Break-ups are painful, especially when you still have to see and interact with each after the relationship ends. Diana realizes that her pretend attempts at moving on need to become real. 

In a classroom, Lee prepares the ritual. On the floor is a smaller triangle inside a larger triangle. Candles are at each point of the triangles; Faye stands in the middle of the symbol. Lee has to unzip Faye’s dress so he can make five small cuts along her spine. Lee rubs liquid on each of her cuts. Faye gives the necklace to Lee, he puts the necklace on Faye, and the triangles light on fire. The spell is complete.

After the spell is complete, Melissa, Diana, and Adam feel dizzy and odd. Melissa goes to the restroom. Only Cassie feels fine.

Faye goes to her locker. She can unlock her locker with magic. Faye is more than pleased and heads to the gym. A girl bumps her. Faye breaks the glass the girl holds. Melissa passes out.

Cassie confronts Faye. She wants the page back. Faye says that she forgot it. “You just can’t stop being a bitch, can you?” Cassie says before leaving. Faye’s anger rises. She decides to have some fun by making the fake fires real. As Faye uses her magic, Diana has more dizzy spells. Diana and Cassie are stunned Faye can use magic on her own. After Faye starts a large fire, Diana passes out. Faye’s lust for power has placed the circle in danger.

Cassie wants to know how Faye can perform solo magic. Faye tells her that she borrowed Cassie’s dark magic. Cassie is shocked. No one really understands Cassie’s dark magic, including Cassie. Faye thought Cassie wouldn’t mind sharing, but Cassie is right when she tells Faye what she did was stupid. Faye accuses Cassie of being jealous. Once Faye realizes that Adam, Diana, and Melissa are in danger, she asks Lee to break the spell. Lee tells her that “power doesn’t come cheap” and says how impressed he was with her performance in the gym. Faye slams him against the wall, “That’s my circle in there.” If Lee will not tell her how to reverse the spell, she will use her new power on him. Although he is disappointed in Faye, Lee agrees.

Faye drops Cassie’s necklace in the oil Lee used to seal her cuts and lights it on fire. The spell is broken, but the transfer of magic causes the fire to gain strength and rage out of control. Decorations fall from the ceiling and shatter on the floor. Ethan helps the frightened students out of the gym.

When they get outside, they realize Melissa is not with them. Cassie goes back in. The fire burns uncontrollably. Cassie uses her magic to make a path through the fire. Once through, Cassie finds Melissa, but the smoke is too thick, and Cassie passes out. The last thing Cassie sees is a pair of boots.

Melissa and Cassie wake up outside. They do not know how they got outside.

Faye apologizes to the circle, but the four are extremely upset at Faye and let her have it. Melissa can’t believe Faye did the spell, but Faye outs Melissa, telling everyone Melissa knew Faye’s plans. Melissa knows she should have said something, but she didn’t want to betray her friend. By trying to steal Cassie’s power, Faye almost burned down the school. Faye defends herself; Cassie has been complaining about her power, so Faye thought she could take it, claiming to be doing Cassie a favor. And once she realized what was happening to the circle, she reversed the spell, so she should get points for that. Adam says that this is not the first time Faye’s lust for power almost killed someone.

Faye can’t believe she is getting attacked. “Are you kidding me?” she says. “Cassie releases a demon that ends up killing Nick, then she brings Jake into the circle, and it turns out he’s a witch hunter. And then she almost chokes Adam to death with her mind. Yet I’m the evil one.”

Cassie says that those events were accidents. “Like I tried to hurt anyone on purpose,” Faye says. All Faye wants is a little magic to call her own. Faye is full of venom, and she is poised to strike when she reminds everyone that “little miss innocent” has a lot of evil magic inside her. “How does this bitch get a free pass and I’m burned at the stake?” Faye asks. They don’t or can’t answer her. Faye storms off hurt, and her pain is justified. It was four against one, and Faye is right about Cassie. Cassie may not have intentionally wanted to hurt anyone, but she did, and what Cassie has done has caused more damage than Faye’s actions.

Ethan mentions that the firefighters haven’t seen anything like that fire before. Adam says that it is weird, but Ethan looks straight at Cassie with a suspicious gaze.

Diana drives Melissa home. Melissa admits that she feels sorry for Faye and that perhaps they were too harsh on Faye. Melissa thinks that Faye is drifting away, and Faye is beginning to scare her because all Faye thinks about is power. Diana confesses that Cassie scares her because Cassie cannot control her growing dark magic.

Faye goes to Lee. She is done with the circle, but she is not done with Lee. Faye wanted Cassie’s power, not the circle’s magic, but Lee is proud that he got her power. Their mutual lust for power connects Faye and Lee.

In the basement of the Blackwell house, Cassie reads her Book of Shadows. Adam walks in. Cassie connects the symbol on the basement’s ceiling to Faye’s spell and thinks that her father might have tried to channel his dark magic out of him. Cassie is not her father, so, according to Adam, she does not need to perform the spell. Cassie is tempted; maybe Faye performed the spell incorrectly, and if done right, it could work for her. Cassie does not want the dark power, but Adam tells her not to try the spell. He tries to get the spell from Cassie. He grabs her book, but she doesn’t let go. Cassie laughs. Adam admits his feelings for her, and they kiss.

A sound stops their kiss. Boots come down the stairs. The boots belong to Jake.

Uh oh. Adam has competition.

There are several puzzle pieces in front of me, and I am tempted to try to put them together. If Blackwell did not start the fire, then who did? On the night of the fire, Heather was possessed by the demon Dawn summoned. I thought Blackwell helped Dawn summon the demon, but what if Dawn took Blackwell’s power like Faye did to Cassie? With Blackwell’s power, Dawn would be able to summon a demon on her own. Amelia tried to stop Dawn, and the fire was the result of Amelia not being completely successful. History tends to repeat itself, and the show feels as though that is the direction it is heading—to events that mimic what happened to their parents. Ethan told Cassie that she is not her parents, but what about the other members of the circle? Faye demonstrated that she still cares about her friends; she did not have to reverse the spell, but she did, and she deserves more credit than the circle gave her. The way the four treated Faye after the fire was unnecessarily harsh. Faye made a valid point about the differences in the way she is treated compared to Cassie. Both girls are guilty of harming others and putting the circle in danger. Even if Cassie did not ask for the power, the dark magic is hers, and she needs to be responsible for her actions, not excused.

Tonight’s episode was paced well, and we finally got to see Melissa and Diana together, a pairing I did not expect. Seeing Melissa as more than Faye’s friend and Nick’s ex-girlfriend gives the character purpose. As long as the love triangle (well, square if you include Diana) does not slow the story down, then the rest of the season should continue with this episode’s tone of danger, darkness, and destruction. And possibly death. I do expect more death. This is Chance Harbor after all.

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