William Brent Bell and Suzan Crowley in 'The Devil Inside'

On the heels of reports that ‘The Devil Inside’ ruled the box office this past weekend, Warner Bros. has announced that they have made a deal with its director, William Brent Bell, to direct ‘The Vatican.’

‘The Vatican’ is a conspiracy driven thriller that was bought off a pitch idea just prior to the holidays. Warner Bros is planning on fast tracking the movie which is described as a hybrid film that will use the same found footage technique used in ‘The Devil Inside’, ‘Paranormal Activity’, and ‘Apollo 18.’

Not only have they signed Bell direct, they have also signed David Cohen to script the movie. Cohen wrote ‘No One Lives’ which is in post-production and stars Luke Evans (‘Clash of the Titans’, ‘The Immortals’). ‘The Vatican’ will be produced by Roy Lee (‘The Grudge’, ‘The Ring’, ‘7500’), Lawrence Grey (‘The Apocalypse’), John Middleton (‘7500’) and Matt Peterman who not only produced ‘The Devil Inside’ but also co-wrote it with Bell. With a pedigree list of people involved with ‘The Vatican’, I wouldn’t be surprised if this, too, broke box office records just like ‘The Devil Inside.’

Since the project is still in pre-production, no release date has been mentioned, but we’ll make sure to let you know when it comes out once we do!