In the build up to the February 3rd release, a new teaser for found footage style film ‘Chronicle’ has hit the web. This follows the trailer and the previous teaser which shows a teen newly endowed with telekinetic powers torturing a spider.

The new teaser to the low budget super powers thriller presumably gives us more insight into how normal, small-town teenagers gain their amazing powers. One of a group of friends, with a camera, joins his two friends in the woods. They descend into a rock lined cavern and find…a thing…aA thing that glows. And then stuff happens. Judging by this, the mysterious glowing object is what gives our teenage heroes their powers and leads to the pranks and hijinks we have previously seen in released footage and the darker side of the story featuring the troubled telekinetic.

Watch the teaser from Geek Tyrant below:

Coming out well in advance of big budget super films ‘The Avengers’ and ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ ‘Chronicle’ had a budget of only $15 million. So far it seems closest in tone with British series ‘Misfits.’ While the film isn’t getting prologues attached to IMAX showings of ‘Ghost Protocol,’ it is building Internet buzz with these trailers and competes with more lightly touted or art house fare like the horror film ‘The Inkeepers’ and Daniel Radcliff’s post-‘Potter’ turn in ‘The Woman in Black.’

Think this tale of teenage misadventure will hold you over until blockbuster season?