Superman saved by Aquaman

It has been a long-standing belief that Aquaman may have rescued Superman in ‘Man of Steel’ and now Jason Momoa is confirming that his character was indeed responsible for saving Clark’s life.

When 2013 dropped, director Zack Snyder was not only trying to capitalize on the success of the Christopher Nolan “Dark Knight” trilogy but also lay some building blocks for a potential Marvel Cinematic Universe styled set of films. We saw the groundwork laid out for tons of references from Lexcorp to Wayne Enterprises to a potential Supergirl reference, and possibly an Aquaman reference as well.

We saw at one point after Clark saved a bunch of workers on a burning oil rig though it proved too much strain for a hero who had not yet found his place in the world. While sinking into a watery grave, he was quite fortunately saved at the last moment. Many have felt over the years that Aquaman was responsible and Momoa has confirmed that point:

“In Man of Steel when Henry’s on the oil rig, he’s holding that up and then all of a sudden you see him up on the ocean, kind of floats up on the ocean. [Zack]’s like, I had [Aquaman] save him so that they’d get to cross paths at one point so when Bruce goes, ‘You ever heard of Superman?’, I have and we have crossed paths.”

So, Aquaman looks to have taken Superman from being crushed by the exploding oil rig and had some whales pull him to safety. When you’re watching the film this weekend, listen for that line to see if he still says that they’ve crossed paths or not.

Are you looking forward to ‘Justice League’? Do you think that after ‘Wonder Woman’ that the DCEU is finally on track to be a great cinematic universe? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Screen Rant.