Most heroes modify their looks from one film to the next, to mixed results.  In ‘Avengers: Age of Ultron’, it’s Jeremy Renner‘s  Hawkeye’s turn for a makeover.

Here’s a reminder of how he appeared in the first movie:

Concept Art:

It’s not as full-blown purple as the comic book costume and obviously, there’s no loincloth.  The pointy mask/cowl combo is omitted in favor of sunglasses.  For continuity-sake, Marvel has since had the comic book character adopt a look more in keeping with the movie costume.  Will the comic book Clint Barton also don the new costume once ‘Age of Ultron’ debuts?

Well, how will Hawkeye’s new costume differ from the previous one?  Just look below:

The color scheme is the same, and the pants and boots look the same or at least similar.  The biggest change, obviously is the long-sleeve thigh-length jacket.  On the original vest, the lines seemed to be emulating the shape of an arrow, but that has been dropped here in favor of simple stripes.  The black leather parts on the sleeves seem to mimic the “archer” straps on the classic comic book costume (on the right).  You’ll also notice that the S.H.I.E.L.D. logo is gone, mirroring the fact that the spy organization is no more, as shown on ‘Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

How do the two Hawkeye movie costumes stack up?  The second seems to offer more protection, since Hawkeye is just a normal guy.  But on the flip side, it seems like it would limit his arm movement more and since he relies on those to utilize his one bankable skill, that could be a negative.  (But movies are magic.  If you watched the blooper reel on the first ‘X-Men’ DVD, you discovered that the X-Men could barely walk in their leather get-ups.)

To be honest, it’s hard to compare them.  Both seem to have their benefits and detriments, but I’m sure the filmmakers will make it work on screen.

What do you think?  To quote the Fashion Queens, is Hawkeye’s new jacket-look “Right” or “Ratchet?”

Source: Blastr via Comic Book Movie