DC Comics’ universe shaking reboot is in full swing, and ScienceFiction.com is going to be covering all 52 brand new #1 issues. Below you will find links to all 12 #1’s released on Wednesday September 21st reviewed by our Comic Book Team Scott, Jason and Brian right here.

Week 3 of the DC Comics Reboot featured a familiar character develop a short term memory problem while jumping into bed with anyone willing, a fantastically creepy issue of Batman which just so happens to be pure bat-genius and the introduction of the Girl of Steel as an insecure teen girl, not some godly overlord.

What will the final week of the DC Universe reboot bring us as the last batch of new #1’s make their way to comic book stores (and apparently Barnes and Nobel) this week? I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Comic Book Review: Batman #1
Comic Book Review: Wonder Woman #1
Comic Book Review: Legion of Super-Heroes #1
Comic Book Review: Green Lantern Corps #1
Comic Book Review: Birds Of Prey #1
Comic Book Review: Nightwing #1
Comic Book Review: Supergirl #1
Comic Book Review: Red Hood And The Outlaws #1
Comic Book Review: Blue Beetle #1
Comic Book Review: Catwoman #1
Comic Book Review: DC Universe Presents #1
Comic Book Review: Captain Atom #1


Coming Next Week: Superman #1 Written by George Perez; Breakdowns and cover by George Perez; Art by Jesus Merino!