The upcoming ‘Dead’ storyline that begins in ‘Deadpool’ #50 may not actually be the end for the smart-mouthed mercenary as many sources have been predicting. Sure… Marvel’s been hinting very strongly that Deadpool is going to kick the bucket at the end of this storyline. But another teaser for #50 has hit the internet and, this time, there’s some commentary from writer Daniel Way about what readers can expect. According to Way, ‘Dead’ follows Deadpool as he puts into action a plan that he hopes will end in his own death. How’s that going to work exactly? I haven’t a clue, but Way had this to say about the story:

“Deadpool’s plan is massive. He’s building a trap for himself, which he can’t escape. He’s going to eliminate as many possibilities of his own survival as possible. That means getting everybody to point all of their weapons at him and hopefully one of those weapons is the one that can actually kill him. This arc takes place in New York, and as Marvel fans know that’s the Kingpin’s town. Normally he’d be aware of something this big. That’s how it starts. By the time he’s wrapped his head around it he’s surrounded by it. Once he’s involved we’ll see characters like Typhoid Mary and the Hand.”

The ‘Dead’ story arc will feature Deadpool’s teammates from X-Force who “since he’s one of their own [X-Force] feel some responsibility for what’s going on, so they get drawn into the chaos and before they know it they’re deeply enmeshed in things.” The latest teaser image shows Deadpool as he faces off against his teammates.

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Whether Deadpool will actually bite the big one remains to be seen. Find out when ‘Deadpool’ #50 hits shelves on February 8, 2012.

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