What I like about international movie trailers is that they often include different footage than their US counterpart and this trailer of ‘Battleship’ is no exception.

The official Japanese trailer for ‘Battleship’ became available online and although it contains a lot of the similar scenes from the US theatrical trailer, the Japanese subtitles and some new footage of warfare make it interesting to watch. The actors still speak in English in the movie but I thought I heard a dubbed Rihanna say something in Japanese at one point.

I still think the alien ships remind me of ‘Transformers’ and the fact that the movie is “loosely” based on the Hasbro board game (just because they have a battleship in the movie doesn’t mean it automatically deserves a tie in) doesn’t provide much faith in the movie, but the trailers still look fun to watch.

Take a look for yourself and let me know what you think about ‘Battleship.’

‘Battleship’ stars Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch ( ‘John Carter’), Alexander Skarsgard (‘True Blood’), Rihanna, Jesse Plemons (‘Paul’,‘Friday Night Lights’) and Brooklyn Decker and will hits theaters on May 18th.