Not only has Michael Bay just released the first trailer for ‘Transformers: The Last Knight‘ and hinted that a future film would be R-Rated but now is letting us know about a virtual reality Transformers experience that is on its way! With various forms of VR finally becoming mainstream it should be no surprise that Hollywood would want to get in on the action and honestly the visual spectacle that Bay has turned the Transformers franchise into really seems like it would be the perfect fit for the medium.

There isn’t much known about the release date for this virtual reality experience but a lot of key details were taken from his talking about it. For starters, this won’t be directly part of ‘Transformers: The Last Knight’ but a completely original story, no word if it will be canon within the film franchise at this time. Also, visually it should be stunning as it is being created in conjunction with IMAX and ILM so we know that some of the biggest names in visual effects will be involved!

Speaking on the IMAX involvement, the experience will first be only available in IMAX theaters as the chain will: pods in theaters around the world. There are all these massive theaters, but they don’t use every theater. So they’ll build like 30 pods.”

It doesn’t say if this will only be in select theaters or will be traveling between them to cover the entire country.

For the experience itself they tested it using a character named Cogman and Bay says that not only is he “a psychopath” but:

He’s a proper-like butler, he’s a headmaster, so it goes back to the comics. They kind of rip off heads and they become that. So he’s this proper, great looking sociopath. He’s a psycho, but he’s very polite. And he’s like this big [uses his hands to show us the height], and it’s cool just as a test. You see him riding in a car, and behind you, over here and you can just — it’s so much fun.

Lengthwise fans might be disappointed as it is set for only about nine minutes and not all of it will be “active” engagement the entire time though visually there are moments where “you feel things coming right over you. You gotta duck” which is rally what the entire concept is about. However, it sounds like you’ll only have to wait until May for it to be finished and hopefully released right after.

Do you think a VR Transformers based experience sounds like a fun time or is it a bit too much of a gimmick for your taste? Share your thoughts below!

Source: Collider

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