Legendary comic creator Stan Lee, originator of such timeless heroes as Spider-Man, Thor, and the X-Men, is creating his first Indian superhero. Lee POW! Entertainment, in collaboration with a team of Indian writers and artists at Liquid Comics, has come with a hero called “Chakra – The Invincible.”

The ‘Chakra –The Invicible’ series will launch in 2012 as a series of digital comics. They will be distributed in India on Liquid’s Graphic India digital comics platform and app. The first issue will be released free in April 2012 via Graphic India’s website.

‘Chakra –The Invicible’ follows the story of Raju Rai, a Mumbai teenager and techno-whiz who is experimenting on ways to unlock the secrets of human potential. Through his experiment, Raju creates a techno-suit that activates his body’s chakras and unleashes special abilities and powers.

Of the collaboration, Lee had this to say:
“I’m incredibly excited to be collaborating with my friends at Liquid Comics and their best-in-class team of artists as we launch a great new, thrill-a-minute superhero saga named Chakra – The Invincible. Against the spectacular backdrop of the great Indian metropolis of Mumbai, we tell the incredible saga of Chakra, our daring and dangerous teenage hero.”

Lee isn’t the only one excited to see his new creation in print. Liquid Comics co-founder and CEO, Sharad Devarajan says that Lee “is one of the most prolific storytellers in the world today, having created iconic characters that have generated billions of dollars at the box office and are known by nearly every man, woman and child on earth,” and that “The opportunity to bring Stan’s unparalleled experience of the superhero genre to India and enable him to collaborate with local talents to create a new Indian character is the culmination of a lifelong dream.”

Liquid’s other co-founder, Gotham Chopra was equally thrilled at working with Stan Lee. “What better way to conceive of a new generation of Indian superheroes than in collaboration with the Godfather of the genre? Watching Stan mingle in the pantheon of great Indian Gods and Goddesses will go down as one of the most coolest times of my life,” Chopra stated.

Sound interesting? Keep your eyes peeled for ‘Chakra –The Invicible’ concept art, we’ll try to have something for you within the next few days.