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It was revealed earlier this summer that DC Universe’s ‘Swamp Thing’ would not be part of a shared universe with other DC shows, which seemed to indicate that the show would be completely self-contained and would only draw from ‘Swamp Thing”s various DC and Vertigo comic stories.  But just because the show won’t cross over with ‘Titans’ or other programs doesn’t mean that it won’t be drawing elements from the larger DC Comics Universe.

The latest casting indicates that at least one familiar face will be part of the series, as Jeryl Prescott has been cast as fortune teller Madame Xanadu.  On the series, she is described as:

“A centuries-old sorceress who finds herself reluctantly drawn into battle against the escalating supernatural forces plaguing a small Louisiana town. A blind fortune teller and magical crusader, Xanadu’s heart is in the right place despite her unorthodox methods in the fight against evil.”

Xanadu (real name: Nimue Inwudu) was introduced as the host of the horror anthology series ‘Doorway to Nightmare’ in 1978.  That book’s cover artist, Michael William Kaluta, created her visual design, while writer David Michelinie and artist Val Mayerik developed her character.  Typically her tales involved a stranger entering her parlor where she would perform a tarot card reading.  From there, the stories explored various self-contained supernatural and horror stories, usually with a romantic angle.  Xanadu was later integrated into other DC Comic books and became a more active character.  Her past was explained to stretch back to the days of King Arthur and Camelot when she was the youngest sister of Morgana LeFay and the Lady of the Lake.  She has been depicted as a member of the historically-set series ‘Demon Knights’ and in the present in ‘Justice League Dark’.

Considering that perhaps the most popular ‘Swamp Thing’ supporting character, John Constantine is off-limits due to his use on ‘Legends of Tomorrow’, it’s possible that Madame Xanadu will play a larger role on ‘Swamp Thing’, perhaps taking his place in cases.

Prescott may be best recognized for playing Cherry on ‘Ray Donovan’ or Jacqui on the first six episodes of ‘The Walking Dead’.  She has also appeared on ‘American Koko’, ‘NCIS: Los Angeles’, ‘Scandal’, ‘Shameless’, ‘Big Little Lies’ and on the comic book adaptation ‘Powers’.  She has also appeared in films such as ‘The Birth of a Nation’ and ‘Dead Women Walking’.

She joins Crystal Reed, who plays ‘Swamp Thing”s female lead, Abby Arcane, and Maria Sten as Liz Tremayne, Abby’s childhood friend.  Jennifer Beals has the recurring role as Sheriff Lucilia Cable.  Stunt Performer Dan Mears will appear onscreen as the Swamp Thing in a practical suit, but it is believed that another actor will play his human alter ego, Alec Holland and provide the character’s voice.

‘Swamp Thing’ is expected to premiere on DC Universe in late May or early June of 2019 and should play until the end of August.

Source: The Wrap