The second theatrical trailer for ‘Battleship’ is now available online and it looks to be action packed! Unlike the first ‘Battleship’ trailer, this one shows where the $200 million budget was spent.

Many are comparing the look and feel of the film to ‘Transformers’ and why not? With Universal still in limbo as to whether or not there will be a fourth ‘Transformers’ in the works , it’s taking advantage of the built in audience from that franchise and hoping it can recoup back some of the budget. From the alien ship coming out of the water, the music and even the sound effects, it does give a very ‘Transformers’ – like feel. Although, the alien shown invading the ship strongly reminds me of a Cylon (which also happens to be a Universal Studios property).

Directed by Peter Berg (‘The Kingdom,’ ‘Friday Night Lights’), Battleship is being billed as an epic action adventure film about an armada of military ships at war with an alien race called ‘The Regents.’ The fleet of ships is Earth’s last hope to stop them from their destructive and evil intentions.

This is a big project for Berg and he realizes this movie will test whether as a filmmaker he can make big blockbuster films. “Making a film like Battleship is by far the most creatively challenging thing that I’ve ever done as a filmmaker, as an actor, as a writer, as anything,” Berg told a group of journalists last summer, “When you look at what Michael [Bay] and Favreau and J.J. Abrams have been doing, we’re seeing the appetite for the studios to make these big spectacle films. To give filmmakers like myself this incredible freedom to take something like the board game Battleship, which is really an essence of a film about naval warfare, and say, ‘OK, go. What can you do with that?’ As a filmmaker, it’s the most creatively freeing and challenging and liberating experience that I’ve ever had.”

So can Berg be trusted with big blockbuster projects or is this just another ‘Transformers’ clone? Take a look at the trailer below and tell us what you think! As an added treat, a few photos were also released online from the movie, so be sure to check those out below the video when you’re done watching.

‘Battleship’ stars Liam Neeson, Taylor Kitsch ( ‘John Carter’), Alexander Skarsgard (‘True Blood’), Rihanna, Jesse Plemons (‘Paul’,‘Friday Night Lights’) and Brooklyn Decker and will hits theaters on May 18th.

Here’s some new photos from the film. Click the image to enlarge:

Source: Collider