Continuing where ‘Amazing Spider-Man’ #674 left off, Spidey and his ex-girlfriend (and police officer) Carlie Cooper are investigating a string of mysterious robberies. These robberies have all taken place in high rise buildings where the crooks entered from outside of the building, leading the police (and Spidey) to assume that they’re somehow related to the fallout from Spider-Island. Of course, readers know better since last issue revealed that Spidey’s old nemesis the Vulture has been amassing his own team of flying youngsters to do his bidding. The downside of working for the Vulture is that, if you fail him once, he can turn off your flight powers and send you screaming to the pavement below.

As the story begins, Spider-Man and Carlie are sneaking into the morgue to get a better look at a group of young people who have allegedly committed suicide by jumping from high rise buildings. Of course, these are the kids that have failed the Vulture, and it doesn’t take long for Spidey and Carlie to put the clues together and realize who’s behind the robberies. Leaving Carlie behind for safety’s sake, Spidey rushes to find the Vulture before more kids get hurt.

Meanwhile, within the Vultures flying crime squad, new recruit Michael is having second thoughts about what being with this team actually means, especially when the group’s actions leave a trail of death and destruction in its wake. When the Vulture learns of Michael’s doubts, things turn sour for the boy and it’s showdown time as Spidey arrives on the scene.

After the non-stop action and utter chaos of Spider-Island, writer Dan Slott has delivered a simple two-part story arc that delivers on some classic Spidey goodness, while providing some wonderful character development in the strained relationship between Peter and Carlie. With that delicate balance of real world troubles and superheroics, Slott proves himself again the master of that magic that makes Peter Parker such an intriguing character to read about.

In the art department, it seems that we were just getting to know Giuseppe Camuncoli and his more realistic spin on the wall-crawler. Camuncoli’s pencils were a good fit for this slightly darker and more character-driven arc. But next issue, the action ramps back up to insanity speed with the return of Humberto Ramos on pencils and Spidey facing off against the Sinister Six!

Verdict: Buy

Written by DAN SLOTT