This book can be really frustrating at times, as long-time readers should know.  With the ‘All Out War’ event beginning next issue, #114 is a fine example of the art of stretching things out too thin.

After last issue, Rick and some of his allies are at the mercy of Negan, but this issue reinforcements arrive.  Negan flees but rallies his troops to declare war on Rick and his group.  Meanwhile, Rick starts plotting himself, once he realizes that Andrea isn’t dead.  Ezekiel seems quite taken by Alexandria, which may cause problems in upcoming issues.  Rick benches Carl against his wishes and gets a pep talk from Jesus.

Charlie Adlard’s art, as usual, is great.  It was awesome to see Shiva the tiger cut loose!  The fight between Jesus and Negan and his men is also excellently rendered.

But honestly, this issue just dragged.  It’s the very definition of filler.  ‘The Walking Dead’ has been an amazing book, historically.  It’s Image’s best-seller, which is astounding for a black and white comic that isn’t about super heroes.  But over the last year or so, it’s just dragged so badly!  Remember in the beginning, how Shane died like three issues in and they found The Prison by the end of the first graphic novel?  That appears to be a thing of the past.

Negan and his threats have lingered far longer than The Governor ever did.  And unfortunately, as entertaining as Negan can be with his profane dialogue, he’s no Governor.

It was nice to see Jesus in action, not to mention Ezekiel and Shiva.  Presumably, they will play a large role in ‘All Out War’, so that should be nice.  Heck, any action would be welcome at this point!

That event is really going to have to deliver though.  I’m really looking forward to SOMETHING happening in this book!  For heaven’s sake, Glenn is still unavenged!



Written by Robert Kirkman
Art and Cover by Charlie Adlard