Previously, we discussed Trust with Dexter. Last week was dedicated to how we think about trust, how children trust adults, how Travis trusted Professor Gellar, how Deb trusted Dexter and so forth. Geller killed Travis’ sister, as both revenge on Travis and to show the “Whore of Babylon.” He then chained Travis to the church, and when Dexter came to rescue him, saw him from above. Dexter couldn’t find him though, and now he knows his job just got that much harder.

We start off this week in the church, where Dexter is musing how he always had his Dark Passenger. He thinks about if he could free Travis from his, he could start a new life and get a second chance, something that Dexter feels he will never have. He urges Travis to think of a place where Geller might have gone, but Travis comes up blank, saying that the church was his home.

Dexter continues to urge Travis to think how Geller would think while he studies the painting (Bowls of Wrath) of the next scene, where plague and disease are dropped onto the person below. At the bottom of the painting Geller has written 2Lots. Dexter asks Travis what it means, but he doesn’t know. He takes Travis to a hotel where he fixes his wound and tells him he cannot leave and to continue thinking of places where Geller might be.  Dexter does some investigating into 2Lots, which comes up as the 2nd Law of Thermodynamics, and book written by a Professor Casey, a tireless crusader for atheism.

Deb returns to her therapist and talks about Dexter. Her therapist ask her why she expects Dexter to change since he has always been so guarded. She reminds Deb that you can’t turn a chair into a table just because you want it to. Deb talks about how she feels alone, that her father never gave her much attention, about her engagement to the Ice Truck Killer (and Dexter’s biological brother) and her love affair with Lundy. After all of this information spills, her therapist asks her if she would like to see her more than once a week.

Downstairs before the briefing, Dexter apologizes to Deb for running out on her. She says it’s fine, and calls him a chair. Confused, Dexter asks Angel if Jamie had ever called him a chair. Angel says no. Deb asks where Quinn is, Masuka whispering to Angel that Quinn got drunk and proposed to strippers the night before, Angel covered and said he’s on his way.  During the briefing, the homicide team has determined the next tableau is going to be the Bowls of Wrath, which Dexter explains. Questioning why he knows this, Dexter says he’s been doing some studying. Later that day Angel goes and wakes up Quinn, who has not only overslept past the briefing but lost his phone and his gun as well. Using the GPS tracker on his phone, he tracks it to the car of the stripper he had sex with the night before. Turns out though that it wasn’t a stripper, it was a waitress at the Waffle House, whom Angel continually ribs Quinn for. On the way back, Angel’s car breaks down and Quinn gets mouthy with him causing them to physically fight.

In the office, Deb has a visitor, and it is Jessica Morris’ father, the girl who died of an overdose in the previous episode. He begs Deb to reopen the case, with the cracked sternum there was the possibility of another person. Deb says she’ll see what she can do, and when she tells LaGuerta later she tells her that its her department and she’s running it how she wants to.  LaGuerta meets with the Captain, who was the other person in the room, and they decide they need to get Deb off of the case. Masuka and Louis talk about Angel, and Masuka tells Louis to continue to pursue Jamie. Louis brings Jamie to his place that night, and while they have sex it is shown that Louis bought the arm from the Ice Truck Killer case.

Dexter goes and sits in on Professor Casey’s class. He thinks of him as a “Self important a**hole” but likes him regardless. He approaches him after the lecture and tells Casey that he is in danger. Casey, scoffing at the fact, tells him that there are a lot of people out there who want to harm him. He doesn’t care, and walks away. Dexter studies the building and enlists Travis to help.  While setting up Geller’s kill room Dexter and Harry discuss Dexter’s obsession with wanting to kill Geller. He explains to Harry that he wants to be a better father to Harrison, and to free Travis from his Dark Passenger might help him be that better person. He wants to give Travis the second chance that he will never have.

That night, while sitting in the car, Travis and Dexter talk about Travis wiping his slate clean. Geller had told Travis that the two of them were the witnesses to bring in the end of this world to bring on the new world. Dexter doesn’t understand, so Travis explains to him as wiping the slate completely clean, and to just be able to start over. Dexter tells him once Geller is gone he can start new again.

Travis spots Geller, and they head into the building where Casey’s office is. Dexter tells Travis to stay at the stairs to head him off in case he comes down that way, and Dexter takes the elevator. Halfway up, Dexter’s elevator stops, and when he pries open the door there is only a wall there. He finds the ceiling exit and pulls himself up. Travis forces the next floor door open, apologizing for breaking the rule of leaving the stairs, and they race to Casey’s office. There are signs of a struggle, and Casey’s blood is on the floor. Travis apologizes again, and Dexter hopes that they find Casey alive. Geller’s blog has updated, saying there is only 6 days left, and Travis reads it as a sign that he’s giving him a way back in. Dexter tells him to reply, and tell him he wants to rejoin him in his quest, and to call him as soon as Geller contacts him again.

Before Dexter can track down Geller, he has already killed Casey and left him in the lecture hall. His hand is gone, and the Alpha/Omega symbol is carved into his abdomen. They open the stomach, to find that it has been emptied, but it triggers a reaction from the ceiling that drops down buckets of blood to the homicide team below.

Back in Travis’ hotel room, Geller has scrawled on his bathroom wall in blood, “BRING THE FALSE PROPHET TO THE CHURCH” and has left Casey’s hand in the sink. As Travis struggles to get the blood off the wall, Dexter calls, and Travis doesn’t mention what has happened to him, but says that Geller contacted him and wants to meet at the church. During this time, Louis has tracked down the location of where the blog update came from, and it was from a wireless router so there is a radius, but the church can be seen in the background.

That night, Travis and Dexter head to the church, Travis going in the front to meet with Geller and Dexter going in the back. Geller is angry with Travis, saying “God has given you so many chances, and you disappoint Him time after time, but He loves you, He truly loves you and He’s going to give you one more chance, and all you’ll have to do is listen to me.” Travis bows his head to Geller. Dexter comes in from the back with no sign of Travis or Geller in the room. He searches around a little, and finds Travis on the floor with a wound to his head. There is a noise, like engines revving coming from below. Dexter finds a trap door, and makes his way downstairs. He finds a freezer, which he opens and finds Geller’s body in there, which looks like it could have been there for months or even years. Above, Travis opens his eyes and grabs the machete laying next to him.

I had heard rumor about this twist because of online forums (and no matter how hard you try it is hard to stay completely spoiler free from anything these days) and I have to say I love it. I absolutely love the twists that this show gives. In the after clip that they show sometimes, the producers talked about how no one, including Colin Hanks (Travis) except Edward James Olmos (Professor Geller), the writers and the production assistants new about this twist. I think it gave it a real feel to the surprise and I think it was just amazing.

I still lack caring about Deb this season, and I feel bad about that. I just don’t find her story that compelling. I want more of Travis and Geller, I want to know how Dexter is going to free Travis of his Dark Passenger, if there really is second chances. I really want Dexter to have a friend, I was really sad for him when he lost Brother Sam.

What do you think of this twist? Did you see it coming or were you shocked? What do you think of Travis and Geller? Are you intrigued by Deb’s story this season?

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