We knew this was coming. Today, William Shatner posted a video on YouTube in response to Carrie Fisher’s interview, which was a response to his interview. To recap: William Shatner said ‘Star Trek’ is better than ‘Star Wars’ and that Kirk would have tried to bed Princess Leia; Carrie Fisher retorted with zany one-liners defending ‘Star Wars’ and challenged William Shatner to a “costume-off.”

Shatner’s response, titled “Dearest Carrie,” is pure Shatner: dry, acidic, sarcastic, and flattering—to Shatner. He continues his defense of ‘Star Trek’ by taking more digs at the lack of story and character in ‘Star Wars’ while praising its special effects.

Will this continue? Fisher needs to realize that she’s up against someone who understands how to use and manipulate the media. If Fisher responds, Shatner will as well. He will be determined to have the last word.

Here is the interview with Carrie Fisher and William Shatner’s response:

Carrie Fisher interview:

William Shatner’s response: