A couple camps in a state park in New Jersey. Well, they brought all the comforts of home, but they’re in the woods! The man listens to nature sounds on his mp3 player as he is taken from his bed. When he wakes up, he’s hanging upside down from a tree. He screams as he is pulled up and eaten.

Bobby joins Sam and Dean. They have to remain off the grid, so they stay at a run-down cabin with no electricity. Dean is tired of being cold and eating cold food. He’s grumpy and complains about how he has to live like this and wonders if going through all of this is worth it to save the world yet again.

Sam has a case for the team: people have been disappearing at a state park. It could be the Jersey Devil or another entity. Bobby’s on board. Dean is like “whatever.”

The boys don their FBI disguises and discuss the case with Ranger Rick. They meet Ranger Rick at Big Gerson’s restaurant. Ranger Rick is distracted; he does not seem to be too concerned that his Assistant Chief Ranger, Phil, is missing. Ranger Rick answers their questions between bites of his turducken sandwich.

Bobby comes into the restaurant. He saw the body; the bites are too small to be a Leviathan. The three eat. Their server, Brandon, is very angry and quits his job. Dean doesn’t care. All Dean cares about is eating his new favorite sandwich, the most perfect sandwich ever, the turducken sandwich.

The three men hike in the woods and talk about how Bobby was a hunter before he was a hunter. Bobby taught the two brothers how to shoot. They find Phil, dead, and call Ranger Rick. Ranger Rick arrives. He is very calm and absent-minded. There’s something in the woods. Ranger Rick is grabbed!

They chase after Ranger Rick’s attacker, but it’s too late to save him. Bobby can hear him being eaten up in the trees. Bobby concentrates and shoots. A “person” falls out of the tree; it is not Ranger Rick.

Sam, Dean and Bobby bring the creature back to their cabin. They think it is dead, but one bullet wasn’t enough. The creature springs back to life, so they pump it full of lead. At this point, I’m thinking this is a zombie incident of some sort.

Bobby and Sam perform the autopsy. Dean does not care about what they are doing. All he wants is another turducken sandwich. They learn that the guy was Gerald, his adrenal glands are huge and discolored, and his stomach is full, very full.

Dean still complains about being hungry, so they go eat. Dean is very happy to have a turducken sandwich. Bobby and Sam notice everyone is eating a turducken sandwich. They take Dean’s sandwich away and leave.

Back at the cabin, Bobby and Sam examine the sandwich. Ooze comes out of the meat; the same ooze that covered Gerald’s internal organs.

Dean sleeps as Bobby and Sam stake out the restaurant. Bobby tells Sam that he is worried about how Dean has changed and how the brothers worry about each other a lot. Sam says that things are not too bad and that others have it worse. Bobby wants to say more, but the meat delivery truck arrives, so they follow the truck. They were expecting a meat processing place, but the building is more like an office building.

Brandon, the server from before, attacks and tries to eat a woman. Someone stops him.

A car arrives. Sam sees Edgar, the Leviathan the brothers dropped a car on, get out. I learn two things in this moment: this is not a zombie episode, and dropping a car on a Leviathan does not kill it.

What are the Leviathans up to?

Edgar takes Brandon out of the car. He takes him inside. Brandon is put in a cage with others. Edgar wants an update about the experiments. The lead scientist tries to explain that the failures are helping him perfect the formula. Edgar tells him to burn the failures; the scientist doesn’t want to, but Edgar tells him, “Dick is coming.” The failures are burned.

Dean feels better. Bobby gets onto Dean about how he’s talking like he’s dead. Bobby has seen a lot of hunters come and go; hunters aren’t regular people, but hunters do need a reason to keep living. Bobby tells Dean he needs to get his head back into the game or something will kill him. “Die before me and I’ll kill you,” Bobby tells Dean.

Another car arrives. Dick Roman gets out. Bobby recognizes him. Using a laptop, the three men watch a piece about Dick. Dick Roman is a business mogul, one of the top 50 richest men in the USA, a conservative and very influential.

Inside, Dick is shown the progress about the formula. The formula is to make people content and complacent. It’s a food additive that makes the consumer gain weight and crave more a few hours later. Dick wants to know about the failures. The scientist tries to downplay the failures, but Dick is disappointed. Dick wants complacent people who are unaware of their surroundings, not raging cannibals.

Outside, Bobby has a listening device he can aim at the building. He points the device at Dick’s office. Bobby hears Dick tell the scientist that the program is being shut down. A major rule was violated—there is no such thing as monsters. The scientist vows to do anything to make it right. Dick’s assistant, Susan, puts a bib on the scientist. Bobby sees that the scientist is a Leviathan. As punishment, the Leviathan has to eat himself. Now we know one way to kill a Leviathan.

Bobby is discovered and taken to Dick’s office. Bobby confirms that Dick is a Leviathan. Dick tells Bobby that Leviathans can take and have whomever they want. Dick plans on eating Bobby, but he wants to wait so his meal is properly prepared. Also, Dick thinks the brothers are on their way. Bobby says it would be suicide to rescue him.

A cleaning crew pulls up outside the building. The brothers take Power Clean and spray it on the Leviathans. The chemical doesn’t kill the creatures, but it burns and causes enough of a distraction to get Dick out of his office.

Bobby goes through Dick’s papers, takes a few files, and a gun. Bobby tries to leave; Susan strikes him, and Bobby fires. Bobby is able to escape the office.

Bobby shoots Dick, but it’s not enough to slow Dick down. Dean dumps Power Clean on Dick, and this is enough to get the boys out. Bobby gets stopped by another Leviathan, so he grabs a crowbar and hits the creature. Bobby doesn’t have the files anymore. Dick has a gun. The brothers reach the van. Bobby is behind them. The brothers start to pull away as Bobby gets in. Dick shoots. Bobby is finally in the van, and Dean closes the door. They drive away.

Inside the van, the brothers talk to Bobby, but Bobby doesn’t respond. Dean notices a hole in Bobby’s cap. Bobby won’t answer because he can’t. Bobby has been shot.

Will Bobby survive? We won’t know until the midseason finale airs on December 2.

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