Last week on ‘Once Upon a Time’ we were able to look into the world of the Evil Queen the day the curse was cast. We were also able to see a little bit more of Regina’s manipulation in our time. We saw where Henry’s name came from, and I think we’re getting the idea that The Evil Queen/Regina knows of the curse, and exactly who Emma is.

Story Time

Prince Charming and an unknown blonde Princess are riding in a carriage when it is stopped for a fallen tree. As the Prince examines the tree, he notices that it has been cut on purpose. He turns around to notice that the carriage is being robbed, and chases after the thief. He manages to tackle the thief, and is surprised to find Snow White there. Snow rushes off to her hideout where she gathers all of her treasures in a bag, and walks out into a trap the Prince has laid for her. They speak tensely to each other, she just refers to him as Charming, even though he keeps stating that he has a name. It is discovered that Snow has traded his jewels, so he makes a deal with her to get them back. She will take him to the jewels to get them back, and he won’t report her to the Queen.

It turns out Snow is wanted for murder, treason and robbery. She tells the Prince that his marriage is a sham, a political move, that “Theres no such thing as love at first sight or first kiss.” While walking, Prince notices Snow’s necklace, which she tells him is Fairy Dust, and not of the good kind. It can turn anyone into a weakling, and she is saving it for the Queen. Prince asks why the Queen wants her dead, and she replies that the Queen blames her for ruining her life, but she doesn’t deny that she didn’t either.

Snow asks to get a drink of water, and when the Prince bends over to grab a drink from the river, Snow pushes him in and runs off. She doesn’t get far though, as she is stopped by the Queen’s black knights. They say they are going to cut out her heart, but before they do the Prince comes and fights them off. Snow is surprised by his chivalry, and he says “It was the honorable thing to do.”

Snow White and the Prince go to meet the Trolls, who Snow traded the jewels with. She puts some gold on the ledge of the bridge and waits for the Trolls to appear. They climb up the walls, and Snow begins to issue a tradeback for the ring at least, so Prince can give it to his fiancee. The Trolls don’t trust the Prince, and search him, and believe that Snow is going to rat them out because he’s putting her up to it. They attack, and Snow runs, believing that the Prince is behind her. She quickly realizes that he’s not, and runs back for him. She uses the fairy dust and turns the Trolls into cockroaches.

After they gather Prince Charming’s things, he tells her his name is James, but she prefers to call him Charming. James and Snow part ways, and he tells Snow that he will always finds her if she needs him. After they part, Snow looks back on him with a sad look, apparently wishing they hadn’t part ways.

Real Time

Mary Margaret Blanchard is on a date…that doesn’t seem to be going so well. As she walked home from it, she notices Emma in her car. Emma explains to her that she doesn’t have anywhere to stay, but her car isn’t the worst place she’s been. Mary offers Emma her extra room, but she refuses because she feels she lives better on her own.

The next day Mary brings her class in to the hospital where she volunteers. They hang banners and bring flowers to the patients. Henry is in the separate room where John Doe lies, and Henry questions her about him. He believes that he is Prince Charming, and later convinces Emma to convince Mary to read the story to him. Emma says it would be good for Henry to see that this curse isn’t real, but when Mary reads the story to him later that night, John Doe starts to wake up.

Mary immediately reports to the Doctor (also the man she was on a date with earlier) that he had grabbed her hand, but he says he sees no fluctuation and that she must have dozed off. Dejected, Mary heads home. The Doctor calls Regina, and tells her that there was fluctuation, and that he may well be waking up.

Mary, Emma and Henry all meet in Granny’s diner the next morning, and Mary tells them of John Doe waking up. Excited, Henry and Mary decide she needs to read to them again, and even with Emma protesting, head to the hospital. Upon arrival at the hospital Sheriff Graham stops them, and they see that the bed is empty. He says that John Doe woke up…and then walked away. Regina is in the hospital room, and they are informed that she was the one who found him, also his only emergency contact. Regina decides that Henry will not leave her side, and everyone goes to find John Doe.

After looking at the surveillance video it is discovered that he walked out into the forest. The Sheriff, Emma and Mary all go hunt for John Doe, with Henry eventually sneaking away from Regina to help. The Sheriff finds his hospital tag on a tree branch, and it has blood on it. Down by the Toll Bridge they find him, passed out in the river. Mary does CPR…and gives him a kiss..and he wakes up.

They bring him back into the hospital where Regina brings in his wife, Katherine (the unknown blonde princess in the Story Time.) Katherine says his name is David, and they had gotten into a fight when he left and never made contact again. Regina tells Henry he’s grounded and goes to leave, but Emma stops her, saying her story doesn’t feel right. Regina explains that David was calling out Katherine’s name in his sleep, and she tracked her down. Regina says that it makes her grateful to have Henry, because to not have anyone at all would be the worst curse imaginable. That night, Emma knocks on Mary’s door, and asks if the room is still available.

This week I was excited to see more of Snow’s story, but a little disappointed that we didn’t see more of Rumplestiltskin. I like that we got to see more of the story with Mary as well, and as Emma is interesting I would like to know more about the town.

What do you think? Have you picked out who you want to see more of? What do you think of Snow White being a murderer? What about John Doe actually being David, and having a wife named Katherine? Do you think she was a plant of Regina? Do you think Regina remembers everything between the two realms?

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