In my opinion, the New Mutants represent the most family-like faction of the X-Men.  They’ve actually grown up together and share a bond tighter than most other super teams.  (Note: The name ‘New Mutants’ is simply used as this comic’s title out of habit.  They are considered official X-Men at this point.)  Reading this issue, I felt like it was kind of a throwback to last month, since it mainly focuses on each hero’s decision to either stay in San Fransisco with Cyclops or return to Westchester with Wolverine.

Much of this issue is conducted with the various mutants talking to psychiatrist Gus Grim, working through their decisions.  Then one by one, they decide whether to stay or go.  That’s it.  That’s all that happens in this issue, so I honestly can’t write much of a review without revealing spoilers, so SPOILER ALERT!

Poor Karma decides to accompany Face back to Westchester, but it’s a tough decision.  Cannonball’s choice to leave comes much easier.  Magma and Sunspot both opt to remain in San Fransisco.  Nate Grey, son of Cyclops and Jean Grey from the “Age of Apocalypse” universe has just settled into his home on Utopia and wants to spend more time with this universe’s Scott Summers, not to mention Hope, Scott’s granddaughter and therefore Nate’s “whatever.”  Cypher and Warlock basically just stick around because most of the rest of their teammates do.  Finally, Dani Moonstar, the team’s non-powered leader opts to stay as well.

The biggest change is that they will not be staying on the island of Utopia, choosing instead to move into a house on Mission Street in the heart of San Fransisco.  They are barely moved in, when– speaking of the “Age of Apocalypse”– Cyclops deploys them to search for missing mutant Blink.

Mmmmm… well, it was a decently written, well-paced issue, even if it was all talking heads.  But it felt like a throwback to last month.  I kind of wish they had either condensed all the decision making or somehow have included it in last months comics.  I love Karma and Cannonball and they’re such integral parts of the team, that I’m definitely sad to see them go, although I understand their choices.  Cypher and Warlock have a funny conversation in binary code.  Dani really shines.  She’s one of my favorite X-Men!  She’s like a younger Storm, she’s just so smart and strong and resilient.  (Storm even lost her powers at one point.)  She’s a natural leader and I’m curious to see where she takes the team from here.

I’m also glad we’ll be getting Blink back.  I assume she’ll wind up on this team, although I think she might be an awkward fit.  I think I’ll like next issue a lot better, since that’s when we’ll start to see this team in action.

David Lopez’s pencils are great!  It’s hard to work with a comic so lacking in action sequences, but he made this talky issue work.  His line work is clean and crisp.  His facial expressions are emotive.  His style reminds me of early Carlos Pacheco and even more of Mike McKone, both of whom are favorites of mine.

I certainly wish he’d illustrated the regular cover!  I hate it!  What is Dani wearing?  Cut-offs and thigh highs?  Who (that isn’t a prostitute) dresses like that?  No one!  Also, both Dani and Magma are rocking belly tees!  Britney Spears from 1998 called and wants her look back!

So, to summarize, this certainly wasn’t a boring read.  The characters are all handled very well.  The art is very nice!  But not a lot happens in it.  It’s all talk.  It had emotional weight, so that’s very good.  I just kind of expected all these ‘Regenesis’ titles to sort of pick up and go.  This was more of a farewell to the past than the start of the future.

Verdict: Borrow

Written by Dan Abnett & Andy Lanning
Pencils by David Lopez
Regular Cover by Jason Pearson
Variant Cover by Dale Keown & Jason Keith