The latest issue of Abe Sapien has him starting a three issue story arc known as ‘To The Last Man’. One of the big things I love about Mignola’s runs is that these story arcs just as easily fit as self contained units as they are a part of the larger story. You don’t have to read each part of Abe Sapien to know what’s going on and you don’t need to read ‘B.P.R.D.’ to follow the Apocalypse that is consuming the Earth to enjoy each set of story arcs. It helps, everything makes even more sense, but it’s not needed.

Not many authors can do that when dealing with a world that is coming to an end.

This time, we see Abe entering Payson, Arizona, and right as he shows up he finds a horrible accident at a bridge. There are no survivors, or bodies for that matter, but clearly something horrific happened here. Continuing on, he comes to the town which seems mostly empty but it’s not long until he stumbles across the local chief of police. Once the chief knows who he is (which he’s rather quick to believe without seeing credentials) he asks for his advice on their own recent monster related outbreak (which has nothing to do with the car wreck from earlier).

While he leaves Abe in the caring hands of some locals to deal with the situation (Abe insists they burn what look like eggs), the chief goes off to check on a group of kids who are squatting on the unused golf course. While from the outside the kids almost look harmless (and even similar to those from the last story arc), what we see them doing in the background with a frog and human remains clearly make them not as carefree as you’d hope.

While the controlled burn of the eggs goes wrong, the evil young adults start their own little mission near the graveyard and appear to have zombies in tow. Just what Abe will need for things to go even worse. Looks like Payson is going to be another stop on Abe’s little trip that is not going to end well for him.

As always, Mignola’s and Allie’s stories are bleak and on the way to terrifying with amazing art by Max Fiumara. My one complaint is why would anyone in the world see creepy alien looking eggs growing and killing livestock think it’s a good idea to let them do their thing and not try to destroy them? Why hasn’t the news been broadcasting that if you see strange egg like things to burn them all? This shouldn’t be surprising at this point. This is actually kind of a sticking point for me because we’ve already seen Abe (and the B.P.R.D. in general) dealing with a bunch of idiots in the world. It’s going to happen but does it have to be in every issue?


Writers: Mike Mignola, Scott Allie
Artist: Max Fiumara