Today Sony Online Entertainment LLC announced that its massive multiplayer online (MMO) game, DC Universe Online (DCUO), will be free to play. Available on PC and PlayStation 3 as a digital download, DCUO allows players to play as a hero or villain of their own creation. A player’s character can then join forces with some of DC’s most popular characters like Batman, Superman, Dr. Doom, or the Joker and explore such iconic locations as Metropolis and Gotham City.

When DCUO first came out earlier this year, the retail price for the PC version was $49.99 and $59.99 for the PS3 version; both versions came with a free month of online access. If you wanted to continue playing, you had to pay a $15/month subscription fee. DCUO’s move to a free-to-play model follows the current trend established by other MMOs, including the extremely popular World of Warcraft. Players can play for free, but certain upgrades and perks will be available, but for a price. To purchase items in DCUO’s Marketplace, players must have Station Cash. Station Cash and certain items can be purchased at the shop, but many perks will only be available in-game. For example, many items needed to personalize and improve your character can only be obtained through the in-game marketplace. Other optional extras include additional game content (DLC) and the ability to play as certain characters in the 2-v-2 arena.

For those who have been paying the $15/month subscriber fee can still pay the fee for Legendary access, which is one of the three ways you can play DCUO. According to the website, the Legendary monthly game pass will give you access to the game, free access to DLC, and all of the maximum game features will be unlocked, including forming or joining leagues, having unlimited in-game currency, trading items and cash, and starting with 63 inventory slots (more are available for purchase).

If you spend $5 or more you will get Premium access. The Premium level provides access to the game and the ability to earn bonus features. Premium members have to pay for DLC, can only join leagues, have a 2000 max on in-game currency, can only trade items, start with 42 inventory slots, and have other limitations as well. If you don’t want to spend any money, playing the free version will give you general access to the game and has many limitations. The free version has a 1500 max on in-game currency; free players can only join leagues, cannot trade, and start with 28 inventory slots. Also, you will have to pay for DLC.

DCUO is an action MMO that gives you the chance to fight alongside or against some of DC’s most iconic characters. If you have a PC or a PS3, an internet connection, and are interested in giving DC Universe Online a try, you can find more information at