With Gal Gadot officially cast as Wonder Woman in ‘Batman Vs. Superman’, rumblings that The Flash may make an appearance in the film have intensified.  The character has been rumored to be included for a while now, but with Wonder Woman confirmed, is it just a matter of time before the Scarlet Speedster is officially announced as well?

Well, venerable entertainment publication ‘Variety‘ reports that the character will appear in some capacity but was unclear whether his appearance would be a “significant role or a cameo.”   (It was previously reported that both The Flash and Wonder Woman would appear in their civilian alter egos, but that no longer seems to be the case as Gal Gadot is widely being reported as being cast as Wonder Woman, not Diana Prince/Princess Diana, so The Flash’s cinematic role is unclear.)

It was also rumored that Warner Brothers might be building a bridge between their TV and movie universes and may utilize Grant Gustin as The Flash.  The boyish actor just made his debut as Barry Allen on ‘Arrow’ with hopes that the character will prove popular enough to headline his own series.  But is he charismatic enough to also appear on the big screen?  (The more I think about it, the less likely this sounds.  At the least, I would think the shooting schedule would prove troublesome.)

Which begs the question, what actor should portray The Flash on the big screen?  A lot of people are clamoring for Ryan Gossling or Bradley Cooper, but honestly, I just don’t think either of them is right.  For one thing, I think they might just be too famous that their salaries could rule them out.  Chris Pine is a great choice, but his handsomeness might make everyone forget that Batman and Superman even exist.  Bruce who?  Clark what?

I think I may have a solution.  He hasn’t headlined a major movie yet, but one actor I think could work in the role is…

Aaron Paul!

I mean he has chemistry experience.  He’s the most lovable guy on the planet.  How could you NOT root for him?  Jesse Pinkman for Barry Allen!

What do you think?  Who would you like to see in the gold boots and red cowl?

Source Comic Book Movie