While not busy working on rebooting one of his father’s most iconic works, it seems like Max Landis had time to put together a pitch for an amazing horror movie crossover film. This is a pitch that, if it happened, could put some of the greatest icons of horror all in the same film for the first time and put movies like ‘Freddy vs. Jason‘ to shame. Before getting too excited about the concept though, this isn’t the first time such an idea has been pitched as one was floating around shortly after ‘The Expendables’ had been released. Not only that, but Landis has been pitching films for years which never saw the light of day including new takes on ‘Ghostbusters,’ ‘Power Rangers’, and the ‘Fantastic Four.’ Not all of these have even been pitched to studios though as some of them were just Landis’s dreams of films, he’d like to make.

max landis
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The idea isn’t a new one for Landis either as when he was asked what if any pre-existing IP he would love to tackle he responded without any hesitation:

“Yeah, the thing I’ve been pitching for six f***ing years!”

The idea is that the movie would open with a teenager who had been adopted by a rich couple and things seem to be going well until he has his first dinner at their home and falls into a coma. He comes to in the hospital and discovers that his new home is on Elm Street which is where things really go downhill for him:

“And he hears “One, Two, Freddy’s coming for you.” So the street’s Elm St. Freddy stalks the kid, pops out, claws to the face. Dead instantly…except he’s not. Freddy can’t get his claws out of the kid’s face…All of a sudden chains, like the movie Hellraiser, like the cube chains go all around Freddy, pull him up like a scarecrow and lock him.”

We find out that his new parents are in the room and have actually summoned what appears to be Pinhead from the description. They’re part of a cult who had sacrificed an innocent man to summon a demon that would grant them their wildest wishes in exchange for sacrifices. The innocent? Fred Krueger. So either we’re also getting a reboot of the character, or the cult didn’t know about Kruger’s darker appetites. Either way, Freddy and the kid have to team up to escape the mess that they’ve found themselves in.

On the run, they travel through a variety of dreamscapes and one of which just happens to be an “A dreamlike, nightmare version of Camp Crystal” which features a new take on Jason Vorhees. Here, it is the younger iteration who can turn himself into the lumbering beast we know from the ‘Friday the 13th‘ movies. On top of that, there is also a stop at the Good Guy doll factor from ‘Child’s Play 2, ‘ and it sounds like Chucky wants to play but is being tortured by his own demons:

“So Jason, Freddy and our kid break Chucky out of the Good Guy doll factory and head into actual hell – the space between the netherrealm – to confront Pinhead and the cenobites who are who the cult worships that originally summon Freddy, who are our actual villains.”

With this being about the villains as almost heroes here we’d see them being the leads which are put in harm’s way instead of the teenagers who are usually being tormented.

With the budget required and the rights to these different characters owned by different studios, this is one movie I wouldn’t hold my breath for.

Do you think that a horror monster mashup is the way to go? Could this movie make it off the ground or would it fail harder than the attempted “Dark Universe” which Universal Pictures is trying to bring to life? Share your thoughts below!