Casting changes are nothing new in the entertainment world, but sometimes it’s hard to see another actor take a role that is so iconic to that person. I mean, can you picture Robert Redford instead of Christopher Reeves as Superman? (Rumor has it that Redford turned the role down because the producers didn’t offer him enough money) Or even Eric Stolz instead of Michael J. Fox as Marty McFly. (Stolz actually did three weeks of filming before the producers decided he didn’t quite fit their idea of Marty before they went with Fox.)  Such is the case with Tom Hiddleston and his almost role as Thor.

In an interview with MTV, Hiddleston talks about how he was almost cast as ‘Thor’ in the original movie. Hiddleston originally auditioned for the blond Viking but it wasn’t until he had to sign a contract before doing a screen test that he realized he was up for both the roles of Loki and Thor. He stated that as he was going through the contract, he noticed in the fine print it specified that “Marvel studios had the right to cast Tom Hiddleston as Thor/Loki.”

Hiddleston admitted that he didn’t know which character he would end up playing until the final audition but apparently Marvel producer Kevin Feige always knew he was perfect for the role of Loki. Even at Hiddleston’s first audition for ‘Thor’, Feige looked at him and asked director Kenneth Branagh, “This is the Loki audition, right?” Which Branagh replied, “No, this is a Thor audition.” To which Feigne said, “Oh… okay. I guess we could try it.”

Fortunately, Feige and Branagh got it right as Hiddleston has taken this role and made it his. If you can’t get enough of Hiddleston as Loki, he will also return in ‘Thor 2’. In the meantime, you can watch the interview of Hiddleston with MTV below.

What do you think? Do you think ‘Thor’ would have been just as good if Hiddleston got the title role?