As a fan of cars and sci-fi, I have always wanted to own my very own Delorean. It seems as if ‘Back to the Future’ fans like myself may have cause to rejoice in the next year or two as it looks like the Delorean is about to make a comeback. The entire Delorean company, complete with its warehouse of spare parts, was sold in 1995 to Stephen Wynne. Since then, Wynne has been using those spare parts to build expensive custom ordered cars.

Now Wynne is taking the next step and has partnered the Delorean Motor Company with Epic-EV, an electric car manufacturer to make a new electric version of the DMC-12 (the same model used in ‘Back to the Future’) for mainstream public consumption. The new model, dubbed the DMCEV, is supposed to be in production by 2013.

There are no specs on the DMCEV as of yet, but some are speculating that it’ll be similar to Epic-EV’s Torq Roadster which gets 200+ horse power electric motor that is powered by a 24-30 KWh lithium ion phosphate battery. There’s no word yet on whether the DMCEV will have time travel capabilities (or if an electric car can hit the required 88 mph) but I suspect that, if it did, we’d have seen one by now.

Story via GeekTyrant