Looks like another graphic novel about vampires will be made into a movie. A couple weeks ago it was reported that ‘Nightfall’ was acquired by Sony to develop it into a film and now ‘In the Dust’ will be getting the same treatment.

According to THR, Stephen L’Heureux’s production company, Solipsist Films, has just bought the rights of the graphic novel ‘In the Dust’ and has hired its writer, George Mahaffey to pen the screenplay. What makes this purchase unique is that the novel hasn’t even hit the stores yet! Talk about a pre-emptive strike!

The story is about a G-Man who is investigating the disappearance of entire small town families during “black blizzards” which blanketed the Midwest and prairies. He discovers that the Dust Bowl storms are actually used as a cover for an army of vampires that use this phenomenon to ravage the countryside. When the vampires move to Chicago, he must team up with former members of Al Capone’s gang to save the city.

The 165-page graphic novel is due out next year and as of yet, there is no production start date.