Tom Cruise is a hot commodity in Tinsel town nowadays! Not only is his new film ‘Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol’ coming out in December, his film ‘Rock of Ages’ is in post-production, he’s currently filming ‘One Shot’, and he’s on the books to star in the epic sci–fi movie ‘Horizons’ after that. Now word has it that he’s in talks with Warner Bros. to star in the Hiroshi Sakurazaka film adaptation of his manga, ‘All You Need is Kill.’

Originally the movie was titled ‘All You Need is Kill’ and just last month, Warner Bros wanted Brad Pitt for the lead role but now it has undergone a name as well as a cast change. The film has now been renamed ‘We Are Mortals’ and Warner Bros. has decided to enlist Cruise for the role. The film will be directed by Doug Liman (‘Mr & Mrs. Smith’, the ‘Bourne’ movies) and the screenplay was written by Dante Harper who was just recently hired to write the film adaptation of Isaac Asimov’s ‘Foundation.’

‘We Are Mortals’ is about a young Army recruit who is killed in battle during an alien invasion and wakes up to find himself reliving the last day of his life over again.  He is forced to relive that day over and over again until eventually he becomes a better warrior, which might be the key to altering his outcome ultimately.

I love the sci-fi ‘Groundhog Day’ premise of the movie and really do like anything Tom Cruise is in (no haters please) so am looking forward to see how this turns out. The movie is still in development but is said to have a release date sometime in 2013.