little-shop-of-horrors-movie-posterLast week everyone hungrily gobbled up a rumor that Rebel Wilson and Josh Gad had been cast for the ‘Little Shop of Horrors‘ remake though director Greg Berlanti (‘Riverdale’) is claiming that this rumor just isn’t true. We might want to be fed some solid details of what to expect, but they’re so far into pre-development that no one has been cast yet, especially in the starring roles of Seymour and Audrey as Gad and Wilson had been rumored to be in.

The news came at a reunion panel for ‘Everwood’ which Berlanti had run from 2002-2006 where he was asked about the rumor, and he only replied that:

“I am working on a script for that with somebody right now, but there’s no casting decisions that have been made.”

This isn’t the only news to come up yet as Berlanti was asked if the musical’s original composer Alan Menkin would be writing a new song for the film. Most musicals that get the cinematic treatment will have at least one original work, but there was no word as to Menkin’s involvement at this time. One important aspect though is having a reason to modernize it:

“We’re still working with a writer on how to make it again for today. We have some real reasons why we think it would be really cool to do again.”

I’m not sure if we need another film to be rebooted, but this is one that wouldn’t hurt from a facelift if it was done right. Still, a lot will depend on the reasons they find to update it as well as who they cast in the film.

Are you happy to hear that Josh Gad and Rebel Wilson aren’t set to enter the ‘Little Shop of Horrors’ or would they have made the perfect Seymour and Audrey? Is this a reboot that even needs to happen? Share your thoughts below!