The recent addition of the amazing Kate Mulgrew was yet another brilliant stroke on the writers and producers part. Most usually, it takes time to develop the kind of relationships we see now. It would appear that they are sticking to the reprimand placed on Steve Jinks when he went up against Mrs. Fredericks.

Will Claudia’s Brother figure return? Many quite liked Jink’s character a lot, and we’re even angry over his dismissal. We have no word yet on his return at this point, but we will be sure to keep our fans informed.

This week’s episode changes things up a bit by first teaming Myka with Claudia to investigate the mysterious disappearance of Jason Kinzer, t-shirt mogul. With the threat to the Regents still very much at large, Mrs. Fredericks implores Jane, Pete’s Mom and Regent, to search her memory for clues about who may be responsible.

Jane feels that the A to Z Technologies Company may be involved, and must use an artifact in order to go into her memories and find the pertinent clues lying dormant there. Mrs. Fredericks believes that another agent accompanying her will help her remain focused, and pull her out in case anything goes wrong.

Mrs. Frederick’s volunteers to go until Pete steps in saying that it is he who should go with her instead. Myka and Claudia hear about a number of other disappearances, all related to Kinzer, who has recently been laying off his T-Shirt Factory employees with reckless abandon. Myka and Claudia discover another employee, Brandon, who has disappeared as well, was somehow connected to another, Megan Reese – who may have a connection with what is going on.

Megan, who has locked herself in her apartment and hiding from her antagonistic Landlady, confesses to them that she is to blame for the recent happenings. These people are not just blinking out of existence; they are being disintegrating as if bombarded by a bomb.

Myka and Claudia search for an artifact, to no avail, knowing that it must be an artifact and not Megan herself. Finding nothing, they have Megan go with them to the T-Shirt Company, but the overbearing landlady who cannot seem to listen to reason gets in the way and is blasted out of existence right before their eyes. Further investigation proves that Megan may not be responsible after all.

Myka finds glitter at the scene, which is used in the shirt making process. They discover a connection in a yearbook, which leads them to look for Jeff, who seems to have an unhealthy affectation with Megan. Megan, who saved him from bullies in high school, is now his strange obsession. Jeff takes her hostage when it appears that she is deceiving him.

Myka and Claudia make their way into the building. Jeff takes out… a pair of binoculars, which we really shouldn’t be shocked about – artifacts come in some of the oddest forms. As he attacks them, Myka ducks out of harms way at the last second. In a most genius idea, Claudia grabs a scanner gun and incapacitates him by shining the laser into the binoculars. Upon further inspection, the binoculars were inscribed with the name “Enola Gay”, which was a B-29 Bomber from World War II that dropped the atomic bomb on Hiroshima.

Pete and his mom journey into the past. Pete’s presence takes them to various points in his childhood. Pete discovers that his mother was a Warehouse agent of some sort, his father was her “one” – the one other person an agent can tell of the Warehouses very existence.

Jane was recruited because of her “gift” of “the vibes” as Pete calls them. Mrs. Fredericks appears in Jane’s past, looking very much the same as she does now. She recruits Jane to use her skills to retrieve an artifact from a small boy. The artifact, Collodi’s bracelet, granted him the ability to walk, unfettered by his wheelchair. As with all artifacts, there was a price to pay, it tainted his spirit. As Pete attempts to apologize for taking the lion’s share of the memories, his mother tells him that it helped reveal the enemiy’s identity. The small boy, Walter Sykes, had been irreversibly damaged by the artifact. Sykes has been planning the eradication of the Regents for many years. And now it seems, has a plan involving our own Steve Jinks!

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