Last week’s episode of ‘True Blood: Soul Of Fire’ was our setup for this week’s big season finale. All week they were promoting death of cast members, and they did give us a warning before this season began that some big changes were happening this season. Tommy was the first to die. Marnie joined the list last week…even if she later possessed LaFayette. Last week wasn’t a great one to miss, and hopefully you didn’t! So who do you think will survive to see Season 5? Let’s find out!

The episode opens with Jesus apologizing to LaFayette for pushing him into magic. He isn’t aware that Marnie has taken control of LaFayette’s body. Saying goodbye and going to kiss him, Jesus realizes it’s not LaFayette. Marnie knows it, and stabs him in the hand with her fork. Marnie ties up Jesus. She tells him she was weak, and she wants his magic. Jesus tries to appeal to her compassion, to which she replies with, “If you hadn’t betrayed me I would still be alive!” He tells her he would give her his magic, but “You can’t trade magic like fucking Pokemon cards!” When she threatens LaFayette’s body, he says he will give her his magic. He starts chanting a spell, and turns into the brujo. Marnie stabs him in the chest and licks the knife; the brujo is now in her. Jesus’ last words were “LaFayette…I’m sorry.”

Sam holds a funeral for Tommy. The first person to come is Mrs. Fortenberry. She is crying, sad to see her “son” go. Sam explains that “Nobody taught Tommy how to love somebody without hurting them.” She responded with “My guess is no one taught you either.” She knows that they aren’t flesh and blood, but she felt Tommy was. She wants Sam to call her Mama from here on out. She turns and leaves, and Luna and Emma come up to hug Sam. Later, after Luna and Sam say goodnight, there is a werewolf behind Sam.

Back in Sookie’s home, she’s making coffee for her and Tara. She drops a spoon, looks up and sees Gran’s dead body on the floor, from when she was murdered (back in season 1). Her and Tara begin talking, and Sookie wonders if Gran is in heaven. They discuss the possibilities and what Gran would say if she could see them now. Since Marnie channeled Gran (the episode ‘Me and the Devil’) Sookie keeps feeling Gran’s presence. Sookie goes to Merlotte’s where Arlene, Terry and the rest of the crew is dressed up for Halloween. Sookie goes to see Sam, who she apologizes to for not knowing about Tommy’s death, even though Sam (Tommy in Skinwalker form) had fired her. Sam, saying he wasn’t himself that day, tells her she can have her job back, but she has to dress up as a bunny. Arlene and Terry get visited by Patrick, an old army buddy of Terry’s. While working, Alcide goes to see Sookie. He tells her that him and Debbie are done for good. When asked why, he said “People don’t change, they just find new ways to lie.” He asks Sookie to consider going out with him, that maybe they can’t trust their hearts, but before anything could really be said he gets interrupted by a phone call. He tells her to think about things, and leaves. While Sookie is working, Tara goes to see LaFayette. The door is partially opened, and she walks in to see Jesus dead in the chair. Running to Sookie, who is outside with Hollie (who is getting high because her nerves are strung out from it being Halloween) tells her how Marnie has possessed LaFayette and has killed Jesus. Sookie and Hollie leave with Tara immediately and they realize neither vampire is answering their phone. They believe that Marnie has already taken control of them.

Pam shows her vulnerable side to Ginger back at Fangtasia, who says “I am so over Sookie!” She says she’s been with Eric for over a hundred years and that she can just waltz in and take him away from her is unbelievable. She starts throwing chairs and other things around before she starts sobbing. Ginger goes to hug her. Pam, who tells her “don’t fucking touch me!”, finally accepts Ginger’s hug.

Jason gives himself a pep talk in his truck before going to see Hoyt, who is working on clearing a fallen tree from the road. Jason reminds him of how long they’ve known each other, and their special handshake. Then he tells Hoyt that he slept with Jessica. Hoyt laughs at first, not believing it, but after a second turns around and punches Jason in the face. Jason blames the blood, but Hoyt punches him again, knocking him to the ground. He kicks Jason, telling him that him that Jessica will never love him the way that she loved him (Hoyt). That Jason is missing something and he’s not a complete human which is why he sleeps around. As Hoyt walks away, Jason says that he’s sorry.

Later that night, Jessica shows up at Jason’s house. Jason tells her that he told Hoyt. After ensuring that he hasn’t hurt Hoyt, they have sex. In the middle of that, Jess tells Jason that she doesn’t want to be his girlfriend. “I don’t want to hurt you the way I hurt Hoyt” she says, “So I am asking can this be enough for now?” Jason accepts. As she is leaving, she explains that she’s hungry, and she doesn’t want to feed off of him. Jason, feeling satisfied with how everything went with Jessica, expected it to be her when there is a knock at the door. Instead, Steve Newlin is there with fangs extended.

Arlene is taking out the trash at Merlotte’s when Rene appears behind her. She’s terrified. He’s come to warn her, “There’s a man bringing trouble of the worst kind.” He says its Terry’s friend Patrick, who has shown up. He tells her to run. Terry comes up from behind her and tries to soothe  her. “Terry is here now, ain’t nothing gonna get you.” But Arlene is still frightened.

Bill and Eric are silvered to a pile of wood. Bill tells Eric he liked him better when he was brain damaged. Sookie, Tara and Hollie run up to the pile when Marnie (in LaFayette’s body) steps around and says, “What goes around comes around bitches.” Marnie begins talking to Sookie and Tara while Hollie walks around the wood and the area speaking a spell and spilling salt into a circle. Marnie lights the stakes on fire and Sookie uses her fairy power to push Marnie out of the circle. Marnie turns into a brujo, while the three women chant a spell and Eric and Bill begin burning. Ghosts of the people in the cemetery appear, including Antonia. Gran appears, and pulls Marnie out of LaFayette’s body. Sookie goes into shock seeing Gran. Antonia puts out the fire, and Marnie is confused. She explains to Marnie that “all creatures have their purpose, including vampires.” After a discussion, Marnie finally concedes, stating that “This fucking sucks.” but leaves with Antonia. LaFayette wakes up in Tara’s arms and sees Sookie go to talk to Gran wanting help from her; she wants Gran to stay with her. Gran doesn’t say much, just to do what you want, because “we’re all alone at the end.” Bill and Eric, still tied at the stake, want down. Eric says “Excuse me, we’re feeling a little crispy up here!”

Tara and LaFayette are staying at Sookie’s house. Tara, talking to LaFayette wants him to get some rest, but he feels guilty that he killed the man that he loved, blaming himself. Tara tries to convince him that it was Marnie using his body, it wasn’t him.  Tara leaves, and Jesus appears to LaFayette, saying “Everything is temporary.” They talk a little, and Jesus tells him that its not his fault, and that he needs to “Just keep breathing, baby.” When he goes to leave, LaFayette tries to stop him. He responds with “Dude, I’m dead, you’re a medium. I’ll always be with you.”

Andy goes to see Hollie, with new flowers. He says he’s sorry and explains he is a drug addict. Hollie says she can’t handle that right now, but understanding, she asks Andy for a hug.

Alcide is in a parking garage with the man who interrupted his conversation with Sookie. He realizes that man was glamoured and goes in for a closer look. The foundation of the parking garage is torn up, and there are silver chains lying on the side of the hole.

Bill and Eric are both feeding off of Sookie, which is an awkward moment for all three involved. She decides to have the talk with them. Bill says that he just wants to see Sookie happy, even if that means seeing her with Eric. Eric, jumping at the opportunity, tells Sookie that they can be together. Sookie goes to Bill, tells him that he is forgiven, and he forgives her, but she walks away from him. Eric, thinking that means that he has a shot, says again that they can be together, but she walks away from him too. She can’t bear the thought of hurting either of them, so she tells them not to stop her, that she’s walking away from both of them because there was no winning in that situation.

Nan Flannigan shows up at Bills house. Nan says she’s no longer with AVL or the Authority. Bill and Eric, both knowing that you cannot quit these positions, know what is next. There was an order to kill them both, but Nan wants to start a mutiny. She says she can save them both, that there are many vampires who want to do the same. She says that she can save Sookie too, knowing that she’s a fairy. The two of them refuse, and she says that they are both puppy dogs for her. In anger, Eric decapitates the guards that Nan brought in with her, and Bill stakes her. “We, are not, puppy dogs!”

Sookie walks into her house, and hearing the TV calls out for Tara. She hears a noise behind her, and turns around to see Debbie Pelt pointing a shotgun at her. Sookie, backing away slowly, tries to calm down Debbie. But Debbie cocks the gun. Tara, walking in, sees what is about to happen, and as Debbie fires, jumps in front of Sookie taking the shotgun bullet to the head. Sookie, jumps on top of Debbie and wrestles the gun out of her hands, and shoots Debbie in the head. She runs over to Tara, holds her in her arms and screams for help.

So, wow. That was the season finale. We already know that Season 5 is happening, and the only hints that we have so far is we are getting Pam’s origin story. From the hints from this week, it looks like Russel Edgington is going to be back in the picture, that there is going to be some more work into the Fairy World, and Sookie is going to try her hand at staying away from the two men she loves. What do you think of the deaths of this season? Tommy, Jesus, Debbie and possibly Tara? Do you think Tara is dead?

What did you think of the season finale? Will you be watching season 5?