‘Fringe’ fans, we’re just a few weeks away from the new season that starts on Friday, September 23, 2011 and Fox is already teasing us with a series of “Where is Peter Bishop?” promos and some new posters and photos.

In the new ‘Fringe’ poster the tagline is “New Beginning. New Dimensions”. Our main trio is featured in the poster with Walter, Olivia and the now missing Peter (Peter’s existence was effectively erased at the end of season 3). The poster also features 5 observers and has folds maybe representing the idea of not just one alternate universe, but possibly many dimensions. Maybe Peter is in one of these dimensions and is therefore able to be “brought back”.

Also in a set of new photos for EW, ‘Fringe’ offers some more cryptic images. In both the group photo and the individual photos everyone is standing on what looks a bit like modern mesoamerican stairs (leading to nowhere?). There are also storm clouds in the distance and what looks to be a world covered in a dome. Perhaps the stairway is leading out of or to the “pocket-world” in the distance as each individuals photo has them walking. All except Peter Bishop who is standing still maybe referencing his non-existence in these worlds or dimensions. Here’s a link to full set of photos.

Next, in the promos below our main characters express their feelings of something missing or believing that seeing Peter is nothing more than a hallucination. You can certainly feel the pain in these characters. If anyone has some interesting ideas about what these images or promos mean please comment below.