Something was noticeably missing in this month’s D23 expo. While Disney hyped their upcoming movies ‘John Carter’, ‘The Avengers’, and a slew of upcoming Pixar movies, no mention was made of ‘Tron 3.’ Odd since even before ‘Tron: Legacy’ was out in theaters, Disney had people working on story ideas and in June, you may remember, Disney had hired screenwriter David DiGilio (‘Eight Below’) to write the yet untitled sequel.

During an autograph session at D23, however, a fan asked Bruce Boxleiter (Tron himself) if they called him for a third one would he go back. Boxleiter responded, “Oh, that’s already a done deal. It’s already in the works, my friend, already in the works” He also added that it may not be until 2013 that we actually see it. See his comment below:

(video courtesy of CollegeGoofy)

Rumors abound about ‘Tron 3’ but if you recall, the teaser trailers in the DVD and Blu-Ray discs made it look like this film will pick up right where ‘Tron: Legacy’ left off with Quorra (Olivia Wilde) and Sam Flynn (Garrett Hedlund) together in the real world. Other story ideas are the return of Dillinger Jr (Cillian Murphy) as a villain, the reintroduction of Yori (from the original ‘Tron’) and having Laura marry Allan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner).

Some are speculating that no mention of a sequel could be due to Disney waiting until their Disney XD animated series ‘Tron: Uprising’ comes out next year with the hopes of tying the two together.  ‘Tron: Uprising’ was previewed at last month’s Comic Con and will be a 10 episode series that would bridge the timeline between the original ‘Tron’ and ‘Tron: Legacy.’ Written by Adam Horowitz and Edward Kitsis (the screenwriters for ‘Tron: Legacy’), this cartoon will feature the voices of Elijah Wood (‘Lord of the Rings’), Mandy Moore (‘Tangled’), Paul Reubens (‘Pee Wee’s Big Adventure’) and Bruce Boxleitner. As you can see from the preview below, Disney means business with this series:

Either way Boxleitner’s “unofficial” announcement of ‘Tron 3’ has made fans of the franchise look forward to the next installment. What do you think? Are you ready for another ‘Tron’ or do you think it’s time to take the game off the grid?