“Maybe this is all connected to that guy in Metropolis.” - a panel from 'Justice League' #1

It appears as if the gamble that DC Comics made when they decided to relaunch their entire line of comic books may be paying off. Last week, the company announced that ‘Justice League’ #1, the first issue of the relaunch, had reached over 200,000 preorders. That massive number alone is pretty darn impressive but it now appears as if the first printing of ‘Justice League’ #1 may have completely sold out.

Many comic book retailers are reporting today that they can no longer order any additional copies of the landmark first issue. According to Diamond Distributors, the largest comic distribution company in America, ‘Justice League’ #1 is on backorder. This is usually a sign that a comic has sold out.

As soon as I heard the news, I called up my local comic shop, Books Galore, and their assistant manager, Doug Phillips, confirmed that “Yes, Diamond is currently sold out of ‘Justice League’ #1. I suspect that DC will do a 2nd print.”

Some of the sales can obviously be attributed to the curious and those who are hoping that the issue, because it’s a #1, will be valuable someday. However, if only a fraction of these new readers stick around for more, this is indeed great news for the comic book industry and DC.