We know that Marvel plans to put together multiple ‘Generations‘ of superheroes in an epic crossover event, but with many of the original heroes currently dead, there hasn’t been a lot of details on how exactly this could happen. Interestingly enough, we’ve seen most of these heroes already working together or knowing the originals but Marvel promises this to be an entirely new event.

In it, we shall see the original and new generation “stand shoulder to shoulder with those who have trail blazed their legacy.” The impact could be fun in cases of seeing the original Wolverine once again working with Laura and the Original Hulk working with the Totally Awesome Hulk.

Sadly, these teases are just a focus on some of the characters which will be in the spotlight during this 10-issue event series which plans to run through September.

The overall idea for the event is summarized below:

GENERATIONS brings together Miles Morales and Peter Parker, Laura Kinney and Logan, Amadeus Cho and Bruce Banner, plus more, and illuminates the path that all these heroes will take into the future for a thrilling quest unlike anything seen in the Marvel Universe before.

Here is the line up of covers which will see our heroes coming together though we’re still unsure as to the how and why:














I like the idea of bringing together the old and the new and just hope this is to help cleanse the bad taste in our mouths that “Secret Empire” has been giving people so far – especially as we’re clearly seeing a Captain America crossover here.

Are you looking forward to Marvel’s “Generations” event? Do you have any theories how we’ll see these old and new heroes coming together when some of the older ones are gone from this world? Share your thoughts below True Believers!

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