‘Journey to the Tower of Omens’ was an eye opening episode of the all new ‘ThunderCats’ series from Cartoon Network. They keep doing flashbacks to the past of Thundara, it’s kind of like Lost in that way. In the latest episode, we finally get a look see at Mumm-ra in his Ever Living glory. Even better though, we see him working with ThunderCats to retrieve the “War Stone”… or as you may know it, the “Eye of Thundara”.

This episode started with a nice bit of humor as Lion-O was attempting to access his “Sight Beyond Sight” with the Sword of Omens to find the location of the mythical Tower of Omens, and failing miserably. The rest of Team Lion-O were rightfully concerned with his lack of “vision”.

Little did our heroes know, Mumm-ra was using his all-seeing pool to spy on their progress, and was amused by the lack there of. We are then treated to a mind-blowing flashback, where Lord Mumm-ra is commanding his army of ThunderCats as they wage war on an alien planet to retrieve the War Stone.

Let me type that again… “Lord” Mumm-ra was commanding an army of ThunderCats. He had a Tiger on the battlefront and a Lion as his right hand Cat in his command center. This was eye opening to see the Cat and the Ever Living Mumm-ra working together. The other big reveal, the Cats were using technology. Now we get some ideas as to how Mumm-ra ended up in the prison before he was freed by Grune.

Meanwhile back with the ThunderCats, Lion-O and Cheetara are sharing another moment only to have it spoiled by the ThunderKittens (who know exactly what is going on). Of course it just so happens the the doorway was right in front of the Cats and took a little help from Snarf to see the forest through the tress as the case was. I like Snarf in this series, he’s not the annoying nursemaid like the original version. This Snarf actually pulls his weight with Team Lion-O, he found the Sand Sea, he pointed out the Lizard Army  and this time he discovered the door to the Temple of Omens… very helpful little pet.

Finding the door is only the first step to the journey into the temple, mainly because it is full of Indiana Jones style traps to keep anyone and everyone out. Luckily for the ThunderCats Cheetara is a cleric and knows her way around the trapped temple. Even the ThunderKittens were able to lend a hand here helping get past one of the traps saving them all from a pointy end.

Sure enough as the ThunderCats were able to find the Temple, Mumm-ra was able to find it as well. When Panthro steps up to dish out a little nun-chuck justice, they all learn why Mumm-ra is so dangers as he shakes off his decayed form and becomes… Mumm-ra the EVER LIVING!!! At this point the race is on to the top of the tower and while this Mumm-ra has wings and can fly, Lion-O has a head start and the rest of his team to help slow Mumm-ra down.

The Lord of the ThunderCats is finally able to come face to face with the villain who took his father’s life. Mumm-ra quickly takes the advantage in the battle over the young king, but the tide quickly turns as Jaga (still trapped in the lantern) “brightens everybody’s day”, and in doing so chases Mumm-ra off. The episode ends with the Cats finally getting their paws on the mythical Book of Omens, but there is one problem… the pages of the book are blank (dun dun duhhhh).