‘End of the Road’ finds the team en route to Angelo’s estate… well he hung in there, didn’t he? According to Angelo’s daughter, (Nana Visitor from ‘Star Trek; Deep Space Nine’) he prolonged his life by simple means, lower body temperature, low blood pressure etc.

Three men had stood witness to Jack’s torture, resurrecting over and over again. They formed an alliance, to “purchase the secret of long life.” The three families found “The Blessing” which, we are led to believe, led to “Miracle Day.”

Brian Friedkin and his goons storm in, capture Rex and Esther – the legitimate CIA is on the way – headed by “Q” who is actually Shapiro, (John de Lancie from ‘Star Trek; The Next Generation’). Friedkin takes Rex aside, but Rex has an ace up his sleeve in the form of those nifty contact lenses. He records Brian admitting his betrayal, and the CIA take him into custody along with Angelo’s daughter. John makes a brilliant performance, and Gwen is a bit flustered, which is hilarious.

Captain Jack has a moment alone with the invalid Angelo, who goes into arrest when Jack unplugs his annoying machines. Jack realizes something is amiss, and scans his body with his wrist whatsit. Angelo, is dead, really, bloody old school dead.

The team begins looking into the families in order to find answers to the whole ‘Miracle Day’ fiasco, as we cut to Jilly and Oswald – yes, they are still in the picture. Oswald demands a girl, as Jilly is presented with an assistant, who attempts to help find Oswald a prostitute he can “talk to.”

Gwen phones Rhys back in Wales, her Mum tells her “Go get the bastards.” Esther notices something under the bed where Angelo was interned. Jack tells her to keep it to herself when Shapiro walks in, but thinking it can keep her sister from volunteering for Cat 1 status – she tells Shapiro about it. Well done Esther, this is why you don’t belong in Torchwood.

The CIA removes the floorboards to reveal a strange panel of alien design. Jack decides it must have something to do with morphic fields. Jack’s lack of cooperation with Shapiro leads him to deport Gwen back toWales, which is where we all wanted them anyway.

Oswald’s “Date” doesn’t go so well, and tells him he has been made a category 0. He asks Jilly what that means, which leads to an argument that ends with Jilly being smacked around, and Oswald leaving with her lap top.

The floor plating back at Angelo’s could have devastating effects on the planet as a cloaking type of device. Jack attempts to escape the CIA with a part of the deck plating, but is shot on his way out. Things are heating up, and answers appear to be close. Stay tuned! Will Torchwood return to Cardiff after all? That remains to be seen, meanwhile we find ourselves saying… but what the hell is happening to Jack?

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