Sarah Jeffrey Charmed

Holly Marie Combs, who starred as Piper on the original series ‘Charmed’ has been vocal about her displeasure with the upcoming reboot on The CW, but more recently clarified that she was more upset about the marketing for the show than the fact that the reboot was taking place.  Through the controversy, the new cast has been silent, but the youngest star, Sarah Jeffrey who plays Maggie Vera, has broken her silence to defend her show and show respect for Combs and her co-workers on the original series, for what appears to be the one and only time.

Jeffrey turned to Twitter to announce:

“I’m only going to go here once.  I fully understand how dear the OG Charmed is to many. For very, very good reason. We are so beyond grateful to have the opportunity to bring this reboot to life and bring current, timely themes to the forefront of a show that stars not one, not two, but THREE [women of color]!!! We regard the foundation that was laid with great respect.”


“When my character is challenged, when there is futile yet harmful noise about how we are either incapable or doomed, I will vociferously defend myself and my sisters.”

You can read Jeffrey’s entire tweet below:



Jeffrey did not direct her comments toward anyone in particular, so she may or may not have had Combs in mind.  As stated, Combs recently voiced her support for the cast and crew of the new series, and simply called out the use of the phrase “fierce, funny, feminist” to describe it and in a sense, to imply that the original was not these things.

Jeffrey, in particular, has a large following on social media, thanks to her prior work on the Disney Channel as well as shows such as ‘Shades of Blue’, ‘The X-Files’ and ‘Rogue’.  She can currently be seen in the direct-to-video movie ‘Daphne & Velma’ a prequel to ‘Scooby-Doo’.

The CW hasn’t announced when ‘Charmed’ will premiere, but it will air on Sunday nights this fall at 9pm.

Source: Entertainment Weekly