Flashpoint is running to it’s conclusion and the birth of a brand new DC Universe. This week the final four Tie-in books wrapped up their stories, and while for the most part the tie-ins haven’t been stellar, this group of finales all ended on a high note.

The story I was looking least forward to reading in my entire pull-list this week was the Flashpoint Hal Jordan story. In Flashpoint #4 we found out Hal’s fate, so it seemed fair to see this issue as the How to the What. I was happy to be wrong. As Hal Jordan (ringed or otherwise) is a hero, and in this story was truly a man without fear… the final page of the mini-series will show you what I’m talking about.

The ‘Project Superman’ and ‘Lois Lane and the Resistance’ books were actually tied together this week. If you read just ‘Lois Lane and the Resistance’ you would think Lois Lane didn’t survive when cornered by an Amazonian kill team. Of course if you read ‘Project Superman’, you know what really happened.

For the past 3 weeks the many, many tie-ins have been ending and pointing us to ‘Flashpoint’ #5 to find out what happens next. Before you can get there I highly recommend checking out ‘Kid Flash Lost’ #3.  This was the story I’ve been waiting to see out of the ‘Kid Flash’ creative team.

So we know the regular DC Universe is coming to a close, and we know there are heroes that haven’t made the cut. The status of the Flash family is one that is still up in the air, which makes what Kid Flash had to do all the more intriguing. When this event started, I was hoping Bart Allen would play a big part in saving the world, and did he ever.

In ‘Kid Flash Lost’ #3, Bart Allen was thrown through time and the Flashpoint “collecting” the speed force from former speedsters, Max Mercury, Jay Garrick and Wally West. Bart was able to use this speed force to help Barry Allen, The Flash, get a move on, as Bart caught up to where Barry was at the end of ‘Flashpoint’ #4. As you can see from the final page of ‘Kid Flash Lost’ #3 to the left, Bart gave the old man the boost he needed to save the world and universe; not a bad way to go out.

So far the Flashpoint has flipped the script on a lot of the status quo, and honestly I would prefer to see this universe continue rather than have the reboot happen. The Flashpoint in just 5 months has given us a new Batman, a White Lantern, some kick ass villains oh, and a new Doctor Fate (Dick Grayson if you missed the ‘Flying Graysons’ Tie-in finale). No matter what universe the DC Characters reside there is one fact that can not be argued… the Flash and the Flash-family are important, they make the sacrifices no one else is willing to take and do so without a second thought of their own well being. They are heroes until the end.

We still have a lot of story to go and only a few pages left to get there. ‘Flashpoint’ #5 will give us the outcome of the Meta-War plaguing the planet Earth. It will give us the fates of The Flash, Batman, Project Superman, Abin Sur, Wonder Woman and Aquaman. If we have learned anything from the Flashpoint, no one is safe and expect the unexpected; because anyone can go at any time. If “Everything changed in a FLASH” back in May, then the Flashpoint is poised to go out with a BOOM!