Two weeks ago Sideshow Collectables revealed the next figurines in the Hot Toys exclusive lineup, a 1/6 scale Batman – Bruce Wayne Collectible Figure from the ‘Batman Begins’ movie and a 1/6 scale of the Shadow Predator from the movie ‘Predator 2′. These gorgeous replicas have me drooling over the precise detail that encompasses both figurines.

The 12 inch Batman figure includes two interchangeable heads: one of Batman and one without the mask depicting Christian Bale as Bruce Wayne. It also contains three lower face sections (expressionless, scowl and open mouth) that you can interchange within the Batman head. Other accessories that come with this figure include seven interchangeable gloved palms (in the form of fists, relaxed palms, right hand holding a gun, etc.), a Ninja mask to place over the head piece, a slew of weapons and a figure stand with a Batman-Bruce Wayne nameplate and the movie logo to name a few.

To say this figurine is beautiful is an understatement. This is a must have for any collector if just for the visual appeal alone! The ability to change the mouthpiece adds a realism that you don’t see in other collectibles. When the normal (or expressionless) mouthpiece is used, the figurine is reminiscent of scenes in ‘The Dark Knight’ when Batman talks to Commissioner Gordon and the 30 points of body articulation allows the figure to be placed into almost any exciting action pose.

With all the accessories and improvements from the last Batman figurine, the most outstanding feature this model has is its attention to facial detail – especially in the construction of the Christian Bale head piece. At first look at the stills, you are lead to believe the pictures are of actor Christian Bale, but upon closer examination it is just a replica. That is how remarkable and accurate the detail is!

The Shadow Predator figurine stands about 14 inches tall and eclipses the past Predator figures in its detail to movie accuracy. It comes with an alien skull, interchangeable jaws (so you can have your Predator with open or closed jaws), six interchangeable palms (closed fists, open first and an open variation to hold weapons), various weapons and armor and a figure stand with the Shadow Predator nameplate and movie logo.

This figurine is as stunning as the Batman one. The shiny exterior of the toy simulates the slickness of an alien body and the addition of fur goes right along with what you see in the movie version of the alien. It all comes down to detail with this figure. From the hand sewn look of the stitches on the forearm bands to the painted areas of his skin to the ferocious expression on the face, this Predator seems almost lifelike as it stands on its pedestal.

Hot Toys has outdone themselves with both products! The realistic aspect of both the Batman Begins and Shadow Predator figurines is a convincing testimony on how right on the mark this company is on its detail and accuracy of their figures. This point alone more that justifies the suggested retail price of $224.99 and makes them an essential part of any collector’s inventory.

Want to see even more pictures? There are about a dozen of each on, click here for Batman and here for Shadow Predator. I have personally ordered both of these figurines and suggest that any serious or even novice collector grab these before they are sold out. A quick check on eBay already has these collectibles selling for over $500 each. Instead, you can pre-order yours from Sideshow Collectibles at like I did for only $224.99 each with an estimated ship date in October.

None of the links in this post are affiliate links and I have not been paid to promote these figurines. They are beautiful, I had to have them and wanted to share.

The Batman figurine has already sold out. If you want one, get added to the waiting list and hopefully if any become available you will be notified.