Since the ending of season 3, the vampires of ‘True Blood’ have had it rough. Not only did Bill and Eric put Russell Edgington in a cement sleep, but Bill turned on Eric to do the same to him and attempted to kill Pam.  This was a poor choice for Bill, as Eric and Pam managed to escape, and Eric let Bill’s secret of how he came into Sookie’s life out of the bag.

So coming into season 4, not only has Bill lost Sookie (especially after going into fairy world for a year) he’s become the King of Louisiana with Nan Flannigan watching his every move. Eric loses his memory. Pam loses her maker and her looks by the witch Antonia. And now Antonia has taken over Eric’s mind and is taking other vampires with her.  Could this year get any worse?

Actor Stephen Moyer (who plays the Vampire King of Louisiana, Bill Compton) recently had an interview with Entertainment Weekly, and actress Kristin Bauer van Straten (who plays the bloodthirsty Pam) had an interview with Collider that helps shed some light on this season, and what we can expect in the coming episodes.

Moyer said to Entertainment Weekly, “This season has been difficult for Bill, because it’s been all about how he’s having to learn from his previous mistakes, if there’s anything that Bill has been guilty of in the past, it’s probably that he hasn’t been very truthful, because he’s trying to protect the person he loves and he felt Sookie wouldn’t be able to accept that truth. If that isn’t a lesson in love, I don’t what is.” Thankfully, Moyer has a little relationship advice: “If there’s one thing he could learn, it’s that it may hurt to tell the truth, but in the long run it’s better to tell it straight up rather than hide it. Bill has to man-up — or rather, vamp-up — and do the right thing.”

Kristin Bauer van Straten had fun playing her role this season, “This year, where I would have thought that Pam would crumble, she goes into fighter mode and kill mode, which I find really admirable. It makes me like her even more. It’s extremely fun to play, and hopefully it’s really entertaining. Pam is so unapologetic about all of it. She has no worry about being liked. It’s fun to play all the distinctively non-human traits. Unless you’re a serial killer, you’re worried about being liked by somebody.” She went on to say “I cannot even tell you how much fun I had this year, with this direction. When Alan told me about what would happen, with the witch putting a spell on my face, I thought, “Oh, she’s really going to fall apart and cry a lot.” He said, “No, she’s angry,” and I thought, “Right!” It was endlessly fun to play.”

Moyer knew that Eric and Sookie would be following his and Sookie’s relationship, “We’ve seen Sookie tempted by Eric for four years, and it was just like, ‘For f—-’s sake, just get it on already,’ It was the longest foreplay I’ve ever seen.” But van Straten believes that Pam is a little jealous, “her relationship with Sookie is very interesting because she is also attracted to her, but Eric doesn’t want to share, so Pam is also jealous” Pam’s other relationships have shifted this season, “It’s great how far and wide and all-encompassing the witches aim their spells. One thing I love about True Blood is that all the relationships are multi-faceted and complicated, just like our lives. So, Pam’s relationship to Eric has obviously shifted, horribly for her. She wants him to be a rock in her life, and he can’t be that, as of yet. Her relationship to Bill – and it’s so much fun that she hates him, or doesn’t respect him – leaves her now having to work with him”

What can we expect in the episodes ahead? Kristin Bauer van Straten is most excited for Season 5 to begin.  “I am excited about the flashback, to see the genesis of my being made. That will be great. At a certain point, everybody gets their flashback of when they were made, and that will be pretty fun. There are so many unanswered questions in my mind about Eric and Pam meeting and beginning. That will be fun. All we have is, “I’m not a hooker,” which was a long, long time ago. Was that before her being a vampire? Was that after? And, she speaks with a Southern accent and also Swedish. When you move around, you pick up accents and languages. So, I’m fascinated.”

Does Stephen Moyer have high hopes for Sookie and Bill to be reunited? “It comes down to whether Sookie can forgive Bill for his past, though I think she realizes that he made some of his mistakes trying to protect her. She might be able to forgive him, but the idea of seeing herself together with him is something else.” He goes on to say, “The great thing about our show is that it gives you what you want. It might not give you what you want for very long, but it does eventually give everyone what they want at some point.”

So would you rather see Sookie with Bill or Eric? What do you think Pam’s story is like? Do you think she was always as bloodthirsty as she is now? Do you see a happy ending for the vampires in the future?