Quite a few pictures and videos have been uploaded since filming started in Illinois for Zack Snyder’s ‘The Man of Steel’ and here’s some to tease you and hopefully get a glimpse of what this movie will be about. The first images as well as videos of Amy Adams in her role as Lois Lane were revealed yesterday when the Oscar winning actress showed up to film her scenes.

These images were provided by the Man of Steel 2013 Facebook page and Zoncom. Upon first look, some fans were a little upset that this version of Lois isn’t sporting the traditional brunette look. Well, Synder did say this version of the beloved superhero would be different from all the others. But you may recall that one of the original Lois Lanes (Noel Neill) wasn’t a brunette in the 1950’s Superman series either. See the photos below of Adams and the video of the gas station scene that was filmed:


And just for fun, here’s a side by side comparison of Amy Adams and Noel Neill (the first actress to play Lois) in character when she played Lois Lane. Neill actually gave her blessing to Adams stating, “Amy Adams as Lois Lane is a wonderful choice. She’ll bring a lot to the role. She is a great actress with great acting depth. I have loved her work, so I have no doubt she will be an incredible Lois Lane. Welcome to the family, Amy!”

So what do you think? Do you prefer Lois as a redhead or brunette?

In Other ‘The Man of Steel’ News

The town of Plano, Illinois has been transformed into Smallville and seems to play a big role in the film with a big battle occurring there. The news section below was a short news segment that aired describing what the set designers did throughout the town to transform the city into Superman’s home town:

Some of the filming that has already occurred involves a tornado going through the town. In this scene, the Kent family is on the road when they get caught in the path of a  tornado coming through Smallville. They get out of their car and help the other stranded townsfolk get to safety under an overpass. There’s two videos that caught the filming of this scene. The first one is with the Kent family (Costner, Lane and Cavill) getting out of the car as the tornado approaches and the second one involves Costner getting out of the car and waving his arms. Will we get to see Clark battle the elements in the finished product? Who knows, but as you can see, the set designers did an awesome job with the tornado damages as you can see below:



Since filming has started in Plano, lots of rumors have been flying around about what scene will be filming there. According to an inside source who spoke to io9, here are some of the things that have been told to them:

– Superman will also learn of certain powers during one scene, which will apparently happen “where a glass starts
shaking and then breaks”.

– Valley West Community Hospital is having its windows blacked out so that explosions can be added in later digitally.

– A  battle takes place in Smallville, and Superman is caught in the middle.

–  A 7-Eleven set (maybe the one that Amy Adams was filmed at?) has been wired with explosives that will be blown up during shooting.

– The 7-Eleven scene will take place as the US military, led by Christopher Meloni’s Colonel Hardy, takes on Michael Shannon’s Zod and Antje Traue’s Faora.

– There will also be “a huge military scene involving soldiers repelling from a helicopter and shell casings being left on the street”

As I mentioned before, these are some of the rumors coming out of Plano, so we’ll see as shooting goes on, how much of this is accurate.

Lastly, here a great photo of a mangled bank vault. At the monement, we don’t know how this relates to the storyline. Was it  damaged from the tornado or by Zod and Faora? Maybe even by someone they haven’t cast yet! Either way, it should look familiar as it was a principle piece in the first views of Henry Cavill as Superman.

‘The Man of Steel’ will be in theaters June 14, 2013. Keep checking our site for more news of the movie as it is revealed!