First Look: Henry Cavill as Superman

Posted Thursday, August 4th, 2011 10:24 am GMT -4 by

What a great and unexpected way to start a Thursday. The first image of Henry Cavill in full Superman geeky goodness hit the Interweb this morning, check out the image below. I think the suit and the image look great, I think the cape may be my favorite part.

After you take in Cavill in all of his Superman-ness, go practice your nerd-stitutional right to leave a comment below telling us what you think of the new look of the new Man of Steel from Zack Snyer’s upcoming Warner Bros. feature: ‘Man of Steel’. Click the image to see a larger version!

Henry Cavill is Superman

  • It still sufferers from the same issue as Superman Returns in that the costume is too dark. It may just be the lighting in this image but it actually looks worse this time. Superman isn’t like Batman. You can’t do a dark and gritty version. But, as with most things like this, I reserve my final opinion until I’ve seen more.

    • Anonymous

      I’m just happy it’s a long cape and not his baby blanket (*cough* *cough* Action Comics #1 coming this September).

    • I think it looks pretty good.  Much better than the version being adopted in the comics.

      • Oh! I don’t mind what they’re doing in the comics. It’s basically a metallic version of the uniform Supes has worn for decades. He’s due for a slight change.

  • I love the costume. My issue with the movie is that Snyder is directing. I definitely was not impressed with Watchmen and Suckerpunch.

    • Good point about Snyder, I didn’t like Watchmen or Sucker Punch either!

      • What was wrong with SuckerPunch?? I was hoping that would be an awesome flick, wow, THAT’S disappointing. 

      • Watchmen wasn’t bad but it had so much more potential. I hope that Man of Steel doesn’t fall into the same trap.

  • That’s a fairly epic costume, I can’t wait to see what they do with the effects in this one. Nice job Brian!

  • Maybe I am a traditionalist but whats with everything having to be made from rubber/plastic/latex now? Is there a cloth shortage in Hollywood that we aren’t aware of?

    As for “Superman” as a whole, I am completely disappointed with everything in that franchise ever since they had him stop being an American.

  • Needs the curly lock of hair in front, please.

    • Ze

      I thought the same thing. ;-)

  • Anonymous

    I’ve always wondered about this… If Superman’s uniform/costume/outfit is never damaged by bullets, etc. what kind of needle does it take to put together? This looks good though. With an added curl over the brow and a less gritty feel it would be close to perfect. Exactly how old is Superman supposed to be in this film? This doesn’t look like a 20-something guy like we usually see. Or maybe it’s the lighting? I watched the original Superman as a kid and loved it. Will be interested in how this plays out.

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