The one thing about the DC Comics reboot that has me, upset-ish (that’s a word right?), is not the re-imaging of the characters, or turning back the clock or even Superman using his baby blanket as a cape. No, it is that some of the books that are telling the best stories are coming to an end. Books like ‘Batgirl’, ‘Red Robin’, ‘Secret Six’ and near the top of that list of books is ‘Booster Gold’.

Since getting popped right into the middle of the Flashpoint Universe, Booster has been trying to track down the heroes of his world to, “right the ship” so to speak. After being mistaken for an Atlantis scout and having to battle Doomsday for the past couple of issues, the U. S. Military has finally captured Booster Gold.

In ‘Booster Gold’ #47 we finally see an end to poor old Doomsday, as Booster’s newest sidekick Alex uses the mind control helmet to kill Doomsday with the one thing on planet Earth capable of doing such a feat… Doomsday, himself.

Now he (Booster) is free to head to New Themiscara, the only problem is he is starting to assimilate to the Flashpoint timeline. So he has to find the Flash and fast!

It takes Booster Gold no time to find the Flash, and form a plan of attack so Booster can set the timeline straight. While chatting about the Speed Force and what Booster will need to set the record straight, an Atlantean takes aim on the time traveling hero. Lucky for Booster (or unlucky since he was planning on taking her with him), Alex puts herself in between him and the shot, sacrificing herself for a timeline she never knew, but believes it has to be better than the Flashpoint. Just as Alex dies, Booster is shot to the Vanishing Point, a place outside of time and space, a place where he can help fix the mess the Reverse Flash has created. All he has to do is remember the Flashpoint now, and not be as concerned with the status of his power suit.

One of the coolest parts of this final chapter of Booster Gold’s book, we finally found out who left him the messages on the chalk board at the Time Master’s HQ. It was Alex; it looks like just enough of her survived to enter the time stream and give Booster the clues he needed to save the day.

Dan Jurgens writers Booster Gold better than any other writer, he should, he created the character. By allowing Booster Gold to change and become more than just a showboat and glory hound, he created a lasting hero to work outside of time and space, fixing time where it needs to be protected the most. After reading this issue I can’t wait for Flashpoint #5 later this month, it should be one heck of a story.

Dont’ fret, Booster Gold’s story isn’t over, he will return in the DCnU, only not in his own book. he will be a part of the all new Justice League International. I’m sure DC Comics will see fit to give us a Booster Gold mini-series, so yeah DC, give us more Booster Gold time travel adventures. He and Dan Jurgens need to keep the whole of space and time safe for the rest of us.