Straight out of the pages of ‘All-New X-Men‘ the young Cyclops has decided that instead of dealing with his mess of feelings for Jean Grey, he would rather go out on a space pirate adventure with his father Corsair, leader of The Starjammers. In the first issue, Corsair decided that the best way to bond with his son was for the two of them to go out alone and get to know one. Their first stop? The resort world of Dixzit where things aren’t what they seem. What is the dark secret of Dixzit? Better yet what secrets are Corsair keeping from Scott? Both about himself as well as the second time he has now defied fate and remained alive?

Not wanting to turn down the path of Xavier that leaves him to kill his surrogate father and become a freedom fighter, we see a young Scott Summers turning to his father as a role model. I mean what boy in his situation wouldn’t want a chance to get to know his dad? His father is a space pirate. Come on! With their first destination being the resort planet Dixzit, Corsair insists that they have stop at an old friend’s place. Scott lands the craft with his father guiding them and after they touch down Corsair says that he’ll be right back and runs off to secretly inject something in his neck.

They visit an old friend who used to run the black market and now supposedly has gone legitimate. The moment the two walk through the door his old friend threatens him! It is quickly shown to be just the banter of two old friends, though, and while Scott’s father has business to conduct, the two send young Cyclops out for some time in the equivalent of The-Danger-Room-meets-a-holodeck to hang out with the alien’s young daughter.

While Corsair goes to talk to his old smuggler friend, he shows them one of the vials he injected into his neck earlier and says he needs to acquire a refill. The two kids seem to be getting a long when they are suddenly attacked by Skrulls! All part of the program, though, and the adults come in. Corsair and Scott leave only to actually be attacked by bounty hunters who are after the space pirate. It would seem that there is quite a few bounties on his head. Scott shrugs it off and saves his dad, but we also learn that the two remaining vials Corsair had of whatever he is injecting himself with were damaged and their contents emptied. I have a feeling, however, that even though he escaped his last brush with death, this is all that is keeping him going.

While Scott may be hesitant to follow the path that Xavier has laid out for him, I wonder how long he will be able to follow in his actual father’s? It is a moral dilemma I’m sure we’ll see build up to a boiling point, but for now, this is just a classic X-Men in space kind of issue. It’s a road trip between father and son who are both getting to know one another. Also it is a chance, at least for Scott, to know that there is more to life than he has seen. I’m digging seeing Cyclops with a personality once again and while recent issues of the ‘Uncanny X-Men’ have been giving him a bit less of the militant Scott who is a team player, he is still far from the man he had been growing into for years.




Writer: Greg Rucka
Artist: Russell Dauterman