After escaping the destroyed city of Thundara with the Sword of Omens, the team encounters the Fishmen, who sail the sand sea in search of a Ramlak, a giant plant creature who drank their oasis home. The surviving ThunderCats’ quest to find the Book of Omens is derailed by Lion-O, who is more interested in avenging his father.

In ‘Ramlak Rising’, the episode gets off to a very somber start as Lion-O and Tygra, give King Claudus his final send off with a funeral pyre. Lion-O, then demands they ignore Jaga’s final request to search for the mythical Book of Omens in favor of tracking the Lizards and Mumm-ra. After Claudus’ funeral pyre finally burns out Team Lion-O (Lion-O, Tygra and Cheetara) make their way out of the ruined Thundara.

In order to break the mood of all this sadness, enter Wilykit and Wilykat. We catch up with the adorable duo as they are looting from the Lizards… who are coincidentally, looting. Now, armed with new clothes and outside the city walls the kittens are ready to start their search for ‘Eldara the City of Treasure’. Just their luck they run into Lion-O, and beg to be brought along. This scene was very funny as they meowed around him like kittens in a pet shop begging to be adopted. Of course, Lion-O is a cat with a purpose and he is not looking to take in strays. The kids will not be deterred, they aren’t following Team Lion-O… they are just walking behind them.

The quest, brings our rag-tag team of Cats to the sand sea of Third-Earth, where the ThunderCats are captured by the Fishmen. I’d like to think the Lord of the ThunderCats wouldn’t be so easily duped into a trap, but food in a net is still food in a net; just ask Chewbacca.

Now, this is where ‘Ramlak Rising’ turns into Moby Dick. The Captain of the Fishmen’s sand-ship has a mad hate on for the Ramlak, of course you would too if a giant plant monster took your leg. Old Captain Fish-face is driven by vengeance and he doesn’t care if his crew lives or dies. In his fragile state of mind this is exactly the WRONG mentor for Lion-O. After steering directly into a storm and taking the beast on with little regard for anything but killing the Ramlak, when the Ramlak destroys the ship and kills the Fishmen’s Captain, Lion-O finally comes to his senses. Just as he makes a realization he needs to let some of the anger go, Lion-O is grabbed by the Ramlak and swallowed.

A bright light and a couple of Sword of Omens slashes later the Ramlak is gone, and the Fishmen have their oasis home back. Then Team Lion-O, is all set to go, only now they have two new additions as WilyKit and WilyKat were able to prove themselves as capable of taking care of themselves; welcome to the team kittens!

This episode ended with with a pretty great twist as Mumm-ra and Grune have a prisoner and are “working him over” to find out the location of the Book of Omens. One question remains, will Jaga give up the real location of the Book of Omens or is he sending Mumm-ra and Grune to chase their tails?

All in all this was a good second episode, and I’m excited to see how the story will progress. One gripe, and it’s super minor, I was looking forward to an updated ‘ThunderCats’ theme song, but there is no new theme to be heard. Still, if you missed it make sure to find a way to check out ‘ThunderCats’.

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