From a director who values secrecy, there sure seems be a lot of video and pictures leaking out from ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ set. Location shooting does have its disadvantages but the amount of information that is hitting the internet is astounding.

Last week, we posted the first look of Anne Hathaway as Catwoman as well as her response to the fans reaction to the suit. Today, there’s new video and photos of her suit close up. These photos are of Hathaway’s stunt double as she is currently on a press tour promoting her new movie ‘One Day’. Looks like the video was taken during a big chase scene as you see her on the Batpod going after Tumblers.  This time is looks like the stunt double has a handle of the Batpod unlike the film footage of her crash posted last week. Although it’s summer, the scene was filled with fake snow to make it look like winter. So here’s the close up views of the costume.  Do they change your first impression of the suit? Comment below and let us know!

(Special thanks go to Suburuwxfan, Miclarko, and WestSideTriad for the videos and pictures)