Johnny Depp’s film production company Infinitum Nihil has teamed up with GK Films to coproduce a film adaptation of Image Comics’ three issue mini-series ‘The Vault’.

Written by actor turned comic scribe Sam Sarkar, ‘The Vault’ is the story of a crew of intrepid treasure hunters who unearth something that probably would have been better left alone. While exploring the Oak Island Treasure Pit off the coast of Nova Scotia, the treasure-seeking crew discovers a way into a previously unreachable underwater vault. Inside the titular vault, they find a sarcophagus containing some curious remains. What exactly this means will have to wait until ‘The Vault’ #2 hits comic shelves on September 28, 2011.

Most recently, GK Films has worked with Johnny Depp in the past on ‘Rango’ and will be releasing Martin Scorsese’s ‘Hugo’ this coming November. The project is just getting off the ground so there’s no word yet if Depp will have a part in the film or if he’ll merely settle with a producer credit.